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Upstate pastors react to allegations within Southern Baptist Convention – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2022-05-27 18:37:06 –

Spartanberg County, South Carolina (WSPA) – Emotionally overwhelmed and disappointed. That’s how several Southern Baptist Rev.s in Upstate explain the report, detailing that allegations of sexual abuse within the sect are mishandled.

The church and minister spoken by 7NEWS for this story are not listed in the report and are not involved in any way.

Rev. DJ Houghton’s ongoing mission is to have a place of worship filled with security and elegance. He told 7NEWS that his church in Moore has achieved just that.

But he is disappointed with some recent claims within the sect at the national level.

“As you know, how do you hold the performers accountable? So if it were more aggressive, I think we wouldn’t have reached this point. It’s just that. It’s a difficult reality, “said DJ Houghton’s chief pastor of Church At The Mill.

He mentions a month-long investigation that ends with each page of allegations of mishandling of sexual abuse within the leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention.

A list containing the names of suspected pastors and church officials has also been published. More than 20 of them are in South Carolina, some of them have been convicted and others are still indicted.

“This was what our tournament leaders started to investigate this because the Baptist wants to do the right thing, but I wasn’t relieved. It was sadness, it was sadness. “I did,” Houghton told us.

In addition to leading his church, Rev. Houghton is also working on a task force at the state level of the Southern Baptist Convention. He told us, they were formed a few months before this investigation began.

“To help our churches and ministries get better, check if there are holes in our policies and work to ensure that we are safe and learn from the lessons that have happened. See if there’s anything you need to do here nationwide in our state, “Horton explained.

Elsewhere in Spartanberg County, Brad Atkins, chief pastor of the Baptist Church on Lake Bowen, said he had read all pages of the report.

He is also disappointed. Atkins believes this is an opportunity to hear from survivors and make a difference.

“This is a bad situation, but there are good things to be gained by noticing and hopefully preventing this from happening again,” said the chief pastor of the Baptist Church at Lake Bowen in Brad Atkins. ..

Rev. Houghton said the task force he belongs to will work from summer to autumn, making recommendations and discussing ways to move forward. He said it involved listening to the survivor community, learning unlearned lessons, and refusing to deny.

A full interview with Rev. Houghton can be found here:

Upstate pastors react to allegations within Southern Baptist Convention Source link Upstate pastors react to allegations within Southern Baptist Convention

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