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Upstate school gives special staff member surprise – Valley Stream, New York

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Greenwood, South Carolina (WSPA)-The community came to the rescue when Greenwood School District 50 said one of its hard-working employees was having a hard time getting a job.

Hodges Elementary School is home to about 300 students, 30 teachers, and a very special staff member who has just received a gift, and says his life will change forever.

His name is Robert Williams.

Students call him Robert.

“This isn’t a good morning job, it’s a job that says good morning, how are you today, that is, how are you today,” Williams said.

He wipes the floor and rubs the windows. A job that most people don’t want to do.

He does it with a bright smile and gets to know everyone he crosses the road.

“If you stop and tell me what you’re doing, I’ll stand there and listen to you,” Williams said.

He’s been driving an old pickup truck to and from school for years, but when the truck started to break down, the already difficult task became a little harder.

“Things kept happening little by little,” Williams said.

It became a burden and the staff was caught in the wind of the problem, even though he still had that bright smile.

It wasn’t long before he was surprised at the brand new car, a gift from Hodges Elementary School staff.

“It’s a small blessing, a little wish. It’s very important for them to take such a step to keep me here and keep me coming,” Williams added. ..

Every time I get in the car, I think with a bright smile. “I realized how many people care about me. Every time I see it, I think so. It’s there because others care more about me than I imagined. Yes, it exists. “

Robert hasn’t sported a new car yet, he says he still has some tags that need to come by mail, but he tells everyone he’s going through town with his new car I’m very excited for the day when I can wave my hand.

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