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Arlington, Texas 2021-05-07 13:45:26 –

A New rope course facility Is set to open with Upton Hill Regional Park Sometime in June, with the park’s visitor activity expected to skyrocket.

“It will be the largest and highest in the Mid-Atlantic region,” said Paul Gilbert, Secretary-General. NOVA Parks, Of the new rope course. NOVA Parks operates Upton Hill at 6060 Wilson Blvd near Seven Corners.

Climb UPton has 90 different elements in 3 different levels, such as ziplines and 50 foot drops. Available for people over 49 inches.

Construction of the course is almost complete, but Gilbert said work is continuing in the administration building as the weather changes. When more work is done, NOVA Parks will set user fees and select an opening date. This is expected by the Executive Secretary from mid-June to late June.

Regarding the safety of COVID-19, Gilbert said that social distance is built into the course and the equipment is disinfected between uses.

“Outdoors are your greatest safety feature,” he said.

The new facility will open as NOVA Parks expects an increase in visitors to all facilities this summer. Gilbert said the pool and water park (all Memorial Day) were closed last summer and are expected to drive growth.

“People will be interested in returning to normal this summer,” said Gilbert, executive in-resident of the recreation management program at George Mason University’s Faculty of Education and Human Development.

In accordance with Virginia’s guidelines for aquatic facilities, Upton Hill’s pool operates at 75% capacity, and if the capacity has already been reached, the Annual Pass does not guarantee admission. Park Facebook page..

Due to these restrictions, the organization is not currently selling new annual passes.

According to a Facebook post, “NOVA Parks will continue to evaluate this situation throughout the summer.”

The beach theme Ocean Dunes Water Park, Upton Hill saidemployment And we’re preparing a water park for the Memorial Day weekend opening, “said another Facebook post.

NOVA Parks continues to hire new summer staff at all facilities to accommodate the surge in visitors as a capacity limit. Probably set to exit By June 15th Gilbert said.

However, even with restrictions, reopening pools and water parks can benefit regional park authorities. This was hit by an estimated $ 5 million in user fees, partly due to the closure of aquatic facilities. Current budget..

According to Gilbert, 300,000 people typically visit one of Nova’s five water parks each year.

“Overcoming the pandemic, people were already exploring the outdoors in new ways, because many others weren’t available,” Gilbert said. “We have seen unprecedented use of hiking and cycling trails. Now that people have discovered or rediscovered how fun the outdoors are, I hope they will continue to be drawn to the park. . “

He said trail use increased four to five times.People were also drawn to another activity that once existed Declining popularity Over the years: golf, He said, an increase of 30% from the pre-pandemic era.

NOVA Parks also relied on other activities that could be socially distant, such as shooting, boating, and baseball bat swings.

“I think all these trends will continue for some time,” Gilbert said. “People have been reintroduced to outdoor recreation.”

Photo courtesy of NOVA Parks

Upton Hill Park Expected to Open New Ropes Course in June Source link Upton Hill Park Expected to Open New Ropes Course in June

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