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United Nations (AP) — Her trip was canceled on the last day of the Trump administration, US Ambassador …

United Nations (AP) — Her trip was canceled on the final day of the Trump administration, and US Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft instead met with Taiwanese President Tsai Ingwen virtually Wednesday night and told her: .. Taiwan. “

Mr. Kraft will resign with the president next week, but said he hopes to visit the autonomous island soon, calling Taiwan a “beacon and roadster” for science, technology and democracy.

Last week’s announcement that Kraft would visit Taiwan sparked sharp criticism from Beijing and a warning that “the United States will pay a hefty price for its wrongdoing.” China sees Taiwan as a state of rebellion and is increasing the threat of taking control of the island.

US relations with Taiwan under President Donald Trump are mainly for the support of strong bipartisan parliament, and as a replacement for the Chinese Communist Party’s authoritarianism as the government opposes the Beijing threat. Warmed up because he was willing to promote.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the craft trip would show “what free China can achieve.” However, on Sunday, he canceled all senior-level overseas travel, including himself, to assist in the transition of the presidential election to Joe Biden’s administration.

At the beginning of the virtual conference witnessed by the Associated Press, Tsai thanked Kraft. “With decisive support for Taiwan’s international participation and your efforts to deepen relations between Taiwan and the United States … he has always spoken for the most important Taiwan.”

“Taiwanese people were inspired by your actions,” Tsai said. “We will continue to encourage participation in the United Nations and UN-related meetings and events. We hope that the United States will continue to support our efforts.”

Taiwan left the United Nations when China joined in 1971, and Beijing has used diplomatic influence to prevent Taiwan from joining organizations that require national status to join.

Kraft calls Taiwan “inspiration to the world,” and a significant number of UN member states she did not name “not for the opportunity to eliminate Taiwan, but for the reason they aspire to it.” You should see it. “

“In any context, by free world standards, Taiwan is a model of democracy, women’s equality, innovation and scientific quest, and a strong advocate of human rights,” she said.

“The United States is on a par with Taiwan as a pillar of democracy,” Kraft added.

Tsai said he was looking for craft advice on how to move the US-Taiwan relationship forward.

Kraft told Tsai that he taught Tsai the importance of “not mistaken the present for future decisions.”

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US ambassador to UN and Taiwan’s president meet virtually Source link US ambassador to UN and Taiwan’s president meet virtually

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