US and Taiwan start trade negotiations

The Biden administration is likely to begin trade and investment negotiations with Taiwan, develop relations between the United States and Taipei, and increase friction with the island’s nemesis, Beijing.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke to the House of Representatives on Monday about plans for trade negotiations. In response to a question from Congressman Andy Barr (Republican, Kentucky) at a virtual hearing, Blinken said, “We are discussing some framework agreement with Taiwan.

Blinken refused to reveal the details and asked US trade representative Katherine Tai, who had not attended the hearing, for questions about the details. “We have no meetings to announce at this time, but it is important to strengthen our ties with Taiwan,” said a spokesman for Mr. Thai’s office.

The latest efforts will restore the dormant trade and investment framework. This arrangement is not as comprehensive as the free trade agreements that the United States has with Canada, Mexico and other major economic partners. Taiwan Calling for closer involvement in economic issues over the years, last year the State Department sponsored low-level discussions on closer economic and business relations.

U.S. ties with its Cold War ally, Taiwan, are lightning rods of trust between Washington and Beijing that see Taiwan as a secession zone and vow to use military force to annex Taiwan as needed. is there.

US and Taiwan start trade negotiations

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