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Fresno, California 2021-01-14 16:39:32 –

Washington-A Delaware man photographed with a Confederate battle ensign during a deadly riot at the US Capitol was arrested Thursday after authorities used images to identify him. Said the federal prosecutor.

Kevin Seafried, who was seen raising the flag, was arrested in Delaware with his son Hunter Seafried, according to a news release from the US Lawyer’s Office in the District of Columbia.

Prosecutors said they both entered the Senate building through broken windows before Kevin Seafried was seen carrying the Confederate flag in photos that attracted attention from the press and social media.

Both were charged with trespassing restricted buildings, violent invasion and chaotic behavior on the premises of the Capitol, and deterioration of government assets.

According to court documents written by FBI special agents, they verbally confronted members of the Parliament police for 15 minutes and were part of a larger group recorded in surveillance videos.

The man was identified after the FBI was told by a colleague of Hunter Seafried that he was proud to be in the Capitol with his father, according to court documents. FBI agents wrote that authorities confirmed his identity by comparing a photo of Kevin Seafried’s driver’s license with his image of raising the flag during the riots.

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According to court documents, they voluntarily spoke to the FBI on Tuesday, admitting they had participated in the riots.

“Kevin Seafried also explained that he brought the Confederate battle flag found in Exhibit A from his home in Delaware, which is usually exhibited outdoors, to the District of Columbia,” the agent wrote.

Information on whether men have lawyers who can speak for them could not be immediately found in electronic court records. The phone books of two Delaware men rang unanswered Thursday afternoon.
Supporters of President Donald Trump raided the US Capitol last week after a rally held by the president to repeat unfounded election dissatisfaction. Five people died during the siege, including a parliamentary police officer, a woman shot by police, and three who received first aid.

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US Capitol riot: Man seen carrying Confederate flag through halls of Congress arrested Source link US Capitol riot: Man seen carrying Confederate flag through halls of Congress arrested

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