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Washington (AP) —The US Chamber of Commerce threatens to withhold campaign finance from politicians who oppose approval …

Washington (AP) —The American Chamber of Commerce has threatened to withhold campaign finance from politicians who opposed Joe Biden’s approval of the election victory, but none of them can be identified by President Donald Trump. He did not demand expulsion. A week of riots at the Capitol.

The Chamber of Commerce, one of Washington’s most powerful business groups, reflected many of the companies in the United States on Tuesday that began rejecting fraudulent election violence and false allegations by Trump and his allies.

Still, many business leaders blame Trump’s supporters not to be completely marginalized, even if the president and other Republican leaders invade the building and affect the mob who killed police officers. I was careful. Four others were killed, including one of the rioters shot by the authorities.

Thomas Donohue, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, said he did not think the aggression was an attempt at a “perfect coup,” but said the Chamber did not like the mob’s actions.

Trump’s name was rarely mentioned during the two-and-a-half-hour video conference to discuss the state of business in the United States. However, in a statement, the Chamber of Commerce called the president’s actions unacceptable.

“With his words and actions, he undermined our democratic institutions and our ideals,” the statement said.

However, under Article 25 of the Constitutional Amendment, the Chamber of Commerce has postponed to government officials as to whether Trump should be impeached or expelled by the Vice President and his cabinet.

Donoue rejected the idea that the US business community could close its eyes on the sector sown by Trump to cause violence, lower taxes and ease government regulation.

“I find it very difficult to link tax cuts and deregulation in a straight line to the Washington turmoil last week,” he said, claiming “necessary” and “sufficient” taxes on the economy. Suppress growth.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry said its political action committee will cut donations from some lawmakers who have spit out unfounded allegations of fraudulent voting in an attempt to prevent the vote from being approved. However, Chamber of Commerce Chief Policy Officer Neil Bradley praised some lawmakers for their actions to prove their post-attack outcomes, but he praised those who might lose support. Did not specify. He said the decision would depend on how those legislators would behave in the coming days.

“Some members have lost support from the American Chamber of Commerce because of their actions,” he said. “Our PAC continues to support candidates who demonstrate that kind of commitment to the norms of governance and democracy and our priorities.”

Among those priorities is respect for norms and institutions, he said.

He did not answer a specific question about Missouri Republican Josh Hawley, the first senator to announce opposition to Biden’s proof of victory.

The Chamber of Commerce has donated $ 10,000 to Harley’s campaign, but Bradley said he wasn’t sure if the Chamber had ever requested a refund.

“I’m not just focusing on Missouri Senators,” Bradley said. “After this period of time we’re here, I’m going to say more about (Holy) and others. There’s more to this. I haven’t done it all yet, so I’ll make the whole decision.”

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the Chamber of Commerce’s Political Action Committee has donated $ 666,000 to federal candidates in this past election cycle and $ 334,350 in the 2018 cycle.

Many of the big US companies, such as Goldman Sachs, Coca-Cola, Ford and Comcast, have begun to suspend political contributions after last week’s event.

This is a sign that companies are becoming more sophisticated about lawmakers who supported Mr. Trump’s false election allegations, robbing the business group, which until recently was the center of Republican political brands, from Republican support. It may have been.

Still, the donation suspension announced by many companies will probably not hurt Republicans who voted to overturn Biden’s victory. Experts say the pledge is primarily symbolic and is only one source of income for the candidate.

Trump on Tuesday does not play his part in causing a violent rebellion, despite comments encouraging supporters to march to the Capitol and praise them while still attacking. It was.

“People thought what I said was perfectly appropriate,” Trump said.


Chrischer reported from Detroit.

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