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Chicago(NewsNation Now) — COVID-19 killed more than 600,000 in the U.S. on Tuesday, but vaccination promotion has significantly reduced daily cases and deaths, leaving the country out of the pandemic and looking forward to the summer. I will.

Number of lost lives recorded by Johns Hopkins University, More than the population of Baltimore or Milwaukee. This is about the same as the number of Americans who died of cancer in 2019.About COVID-19 deaths worldwide 3.8 million Confirmed death.

Actual totals in the United States and around the world are believed to be significantly higher and are often overlooked or hidden in some countries.

Milestone came that same day California, the most populous state and the first to block the coronavirus We lifted most of the remaining restrictions and led what was claimed as a “grand renewal” in time for the summer.

State regulations on social distance and capacity limits in restaurants, bars, supermarkets, gyms, stadiums and elsewhere are gone. Disneyland is open to all tourists after allowing only California residents. Fans can sit and cheer from elbow to elbow in the Dodgers-Giants match without a mask.

Elsewhere in the country, the state continued to gradually approach normal. Massachusetts officially lifted the state of emergency on Tuesday, but many restrictions had already been relaxed, including mask requirements and rally restrictions.

With the advent of the vaccine in mid-December, the number of COVID-19 deaths per day in the United States plummeted from a high of over 3,400 in mid-January to an average of about 340. Cases run on average around 14,000 per day, down from 250,000 per day during the winter months.

New vaccination pace The United States has less than 400,000 people per day — Decreased from a daily high of about 2 million two months ago.

To date, 64.5% of the US adult population has been vaccinated at least once with the COVID-19 vaccine, and 140.5 million people have been fully vaccinated.According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention..

This is coming as President Joe Biden U.S. announces plans to donate 500 million vaccines worldwide next year..

A new initiative in the United States is to purchase 500 million doses of Pfizer and distribute them to 92 low-income countries and the African Union through the Global COVAX Alliance. This will provide the first stable supply for countries that are most in need of mRNA vaccines.

US COVID-19 deaths hit 600,000 — equal to yearly cancer toll Source link US COVID-19 deaths hit 600,000 — equal to yearly cancer toll

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