US democracy faces a serious threat, says Joe Biden – but is he heading for battle? | US Voting Rights

Few of the audience praising Joe Biden would have questioned the integrity of his warning about what was important. A threat to American democracy.

But they answered the fear that they might have left with protracted doubts about his ability to meet at that moment, and even Cheong Wa Dae might find themselves politically powerless in the face of challenges. Maybe.

“We have faced the most important challenges of democracy since the civil war.” Biden said in a speech I remembered the mid-19th century conflict that killed more than 600,000 people in Philadelphia on Tuesday. “The Confederates at the time did not defeat the Capitol as the rebels did on January 6.”

The president pointed out that: “I’m not saying this to surprise you. I’m saying this because you need to be vigilant.”

Still, Biden was praised by political activists for his correct diagnosis of the disease, albeit a little late. He was criticized Because it did not provide a cure. He concludes his 24-minute speech with a recommendation that he must act! However, it did not provide a combat plan.

At stake is the basic principle of democracy. Who decides who will vote, how to exercise that right, and who decides which vote is important.Since Biden’s victory over Donald Trump last November, Trump and many Republicans have been the result. Refuse to accept, Quoting false allegations of fraud – that right has been assaulted more collaboratively and relentlessly than ever in modern times.

This year, 17 states enacted 28 new legislation, making it difficult for people to vote. According to the report, nearly 400 voter restraint bills have been submitted in 48 states. Brennan Center for Justice.

Some measures are aimed at reversing the expansion of postal voting in the 2020 elections due to the coronavirus pandemic. Others seek to strengthen voter identity requirements, reduce the time and place for early voting and ballot drop-offs, and increase the risk of voters being threatened by voting watchers.

Activists say colored races, young people and the poor will be the biggest losers. These groups are generally more likely to vote for the Democratic Party than the Republican Party. Civil rights leaders met Biden at the White House earlier this month and seemed to convince him that “the assault of Jim Crow in the 21st century is real,” as he said on Tuesday.

The speech in Philadelphia, the birthplace of American democracy, was a “good first step.” Chris Scott, Democracy for America Group’s Chief Political Commissar. “I think many of us have sought it, especially in the progressive movement,” he said.

“What really bothered me was calling on Congressman John Lewis:’Freedom is not a nation. It’s an act.” So I say speech is the first part, but I Are asking him to take action on this. “

Biden has never mentioned filibuster, a version of Washington, DC’s F-ward, in his remarks. This mysterious procedural rule in the Senate allows minorities to thwart legislative debates.Last month, Republicans used filibuster Stall For the People Act, This will create a national standard for voting that can prevent some of the restrictions imposed by the Red States.

Arizona senator Kyrsten Cinema said he was opposed to abolishing the Senate’s filibuster rules. Photo: Jim Lo Skalzo / EPA

Former President Barack Obama calls filibuster “a relic of Jim Crow.” This is a reference to the long history of blocking civil rights law. Biden, who served in the Senate for 36 years, was able to promote its abolition or reform by filing a proceeding from his bully Palpit and personally. To the skeptical Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, West Virginia and Kyrsten Cinema, Arizona.

Scott goes on to say: “As long as this filibuster is still in place, we cannot pass meaningful reforms, so one of the bigger problems is that he can exercise some of his predecessors’ abilities. I Lyndon B Johnson And how could he use his experience in the US Senate to line up his own party members?

“When there are the following members Joe Manchin, Like Kyrsten Cinema, what we see is Mitch McConnell doing what he is best at, so we really need to line them up. Whether he’s a majority leader or a minority leader, he’s always finding a way to handcuff the progress we really want to make. “

In the Democratic primary, Biden was a boxer, not a fighter, and feared that his beliefs in the political chivalry and transpartisan era were unsuitable for the Trump era.On Tuesday he said with the “national duty” For the People Act John Lewis Voting Rights Promotion Act But both appear to be destined under the current Senate rules.

To Interview with Reuters Following the speech, civil rights leader Al Sharpton noted that Biden had not mentioned filibuster and added that he had just spoken to the president. “And he just told me,” Al, we’re still working on keeping up with it. ” He hasn’t committed yet. “

Biden’s reluctance to address the issue was thrown into sharp bailouts by more than 50 Democrats. Suddenly jumped out of Texas Trying to upset Republican efforts to pass state voting restrictions. The group came to Washington to give an enthusiastic speech outside the US Capitol and meet Kamala Harris, who is leading the White House’s commitment to voting rights.

Rear Greenberg, The Co-Executive Secretary of the Progressive Grassroots Movement Indivisible said: Everyone in the country should see what they are doing and ask themselves, how can we fight for the right to vote as these Texas Democrats do? ??

“One has postponed the legislative process, but two have upheld the legislative process, have actually brought the fight to Washington, and are seeking federal support. And now we are all in the cry. Confront. “

Greenberg also urged Democratic Party Be equally active in filibuster. “It is clear that neither Manchin nor Cinema will abolish filibuster, but in the past we enjoyed discussions about reforms aimed at returning filibuster to its original purpose, such as setting a quorum limit from the story of filibuster. It went down over time.

Congressman Joyce Beatty, chairman of the Black Executive Committee of the Federal Assembly, and other activists are leading a peaceful demonstration in Washington's Hart Senate office building on Thursday in support of voting rights.
Congressman Joyce Beatty, chairman of the Black Executive Committee of the Federal Assembly, and other activists are leading a peaceful demonstration in Washington’s Hart Senate office building on Thursday in support of voting rights. Beatty and eight others were arrested. Photo: J Scott Applewhite / AP

“The idea that we leave democracy fundamentally unprotected because of this legislative loophole from the late 1700s is totally ridiculous, so these are the kind that democratic Caucus should be talking about. is.”

She added: “Basically, President Biden could say that out loud. He hasn’t called for reform yet, so he said,” I haven’t literally asked for the legislative changes needed to pass the People’s Law. ” I’m doing everything I can. ” Does not pass the odor test. “

Some Democrats are looking for creative ways to break the stalemate. James Cliburn, the majority whip of the House of Representatives, Create a carve out Filibuster for legislation applicable to election law or other constitutional amendments will give Democrats a way to pass their voting bill with a simple majority instead of 60 votes.

Cliburn, who arguably did more than anyone else to ensure Biden’s victory in the Democratic primary, I told reporters on Wednesday: “I think President Biden should be weighted. All I want him to do is clear support for it.”

Biden also argued that legislation was not the only tool, noting that the Justice Department would challenge the onslaught of voting rights restrictions and focus on the dismantling of racist legislation. One such intervention is already underway in Georgia.

However, this issue continues to threaten the unification of democracy, shedding light on the limits of the presidency, or the men currently in that position. Adam Jentleson, Executive Director of Pressure Group BattleBorn Collective, Said in a statement: “Regarding voting rights, President Joe Biden has not been able to meet at that moment.

“There is a big gap between his rhetoric and leadership. In his speech he described a conservative attack on our democracy as a threat to existence, but if necessary, the Voting Rights Act. And refused to support the obvious solution of reforming filibuster. “

US democracy faces a serious threat, says Joe Biden – but is he heading for battle? | US Voting Rights

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