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US details new international COVID-19 travel requirements | Election Hq – Las Vegas, Nevada

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Washington (AP) — Children under the age of 18 and people in dozens of countries lacking vaccines are exempt from new rules requiring most travelers to the United States to be vaccinated with COVID-19, the Biden administration said Announced on Monday.

The government will, if necessary, require airlines to collect passenger contact information, whether or not they have been vaccinated to assist in contact tracking.

After November 8th, foreign nonimmigrant adults traveling to the United States must be fully vaccinated, with a limited exception, and all travelers will be required to receive the virus before boarding a flight to the United States. You need to be inspected. Restrictions on fully unvaccinated Americans and foreigners.

The new policy moves the Biden administration away from restrictions banning non-essential travel from dozens of countries (most of Europe, China, Brazil, South Africa, India and Iran) and instead categorizes individuals by the risks they pose. Others that come to focus on.

It also reflects the acceptance of White House’s vaccination requirements as a tool to encourage more Americans to be vaccinated by making it inconvenient to remain unvaccinated.

Under the policy, vaccinated persons must show proof that the COVID-19 test is negative within 3 days of travel, and unvaccinated persons should go within 1 day of travel. You need to present the vaccinated test.

Children under the age of 18 do not need to be fully vaccinated because in many places they are late to qualify for vaccination. Unless you are 2 years old or younger, you must have a COVID-19 test.

Others who are exempt from the vaccination requirement include those who participated in the COVID-19 clinical trial, who had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine, or who came from a country where injections were not widely available. It will be.

The latter category targets people in countries with vaccination rates of less than 10% of adults. They may be hospitalized in the United States with a government letter permitting travel for compelling reasons, not just tourism, government officials said. Authorities estimated that there were about 50 such countries.

The United States accepts vaccines approved for regular or emergency use by the US Food and Drug Administration or the World Health Organization. This includes Pfizer, Modana, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, China’s Synofarm and Synovac vaccines. Mixing and matching of approved shots is allowed.

The Biden administration has worked with airlines that need to implement new procedures. The airline needs to check the vaccine record and match it with the identity information.

According to government officials, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quarantine officers spotcheck the compliance of passengers arriving in the United States. Airlines that do not apply the requirements can be fined up to $ 35,000 for each breach.

The new rules will replace the restrictions that began in January 2020, which President Donald Trump banned most of the time. Non-US citizens from China.. The Trump administration expanded it to cover Brazil, Iran, Great Britain, Ireland, and most of the European continent. President Joe Biden left those bans in place and expanded to South Africa and India.

Biden was pressured to lift restrictions from its European allies, especially after many European countries relaxed restrictions on American visitors.

“The United States is open to all the promises and potential businesses that the United States must offer,” Secretary of Transportation Gina Raimondo said after the announcement on Monday.

Major trade associations in the US aviation industry have praised the administration’s decision.

“Overseas travel ticket sales have increased in the last few weeks and we want to safely reunite countless family, friends and colleagues who haven’t seen each other for nearly two years,” he said in an Airlines for America statement.

Due to the pandemic and the accompanying travel ban, overseas travel plummeted. According to data from airline research firm Cirium, US and foreign airlines plan to operate approximately 14,000 flights across the Atlantic this month, more than half of the 29,000 flights operated in October 2019.

Henry Hartebert, a travel industry analyst in San Francisco, said lifting country restrictions would help, but would be relaxed by vaccination and testing requirements.

“Anyone who wants an explosive increase in inbound visitors from abroad will be disappointed,” he said. “November. 8 is the beginning of a recovery in international travel in the United States, but I don’t think it will fully recover by 2023 at the earliest.”

The Biden administration has not proposed vaccination requirements for domestic travel, which airlines strongly oppose, and says it is impractical because many passengers fly through the United States every day.


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