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Washington (AP) —The United States relaxed airline restrictions on travel to the country this fall, shutting out many non-citizens and frustrated for people with negative vaccination evidence and COVID-19 tests on Monday He said it would replace the jumble of rules that had been in place. Europe and later allies with far fewer cases of the virus.

The change, which will come into effect in November, will allow families and others separated by a travel ban for 18 months to plan a long-awaited reunification, and foreigners with work permits will return to work in the United States. You will be able to do it.

Airlines, business groups and travelers cheered.

“Today is a happy day. Big Apple is here!” French entrepreneur Stephen Le Breton, 45, finally booked a trip to New York City, which had been put on hold for virus regulation. Said he was able to.

The new policy was first enacted by President Donald Trump last year and is a patchwork of travel bans tightened by President Joe Biden to limit travel by non-citizens who have stayed in the United Kingdom, the European Union, China and India over the past 14 days. It replaces the work. , Iran, Republic of Ireland, Brazil or South Africa.

Jeff Seiens, COVID-19 coordinator at the White House, has given all foreign travelers flying to the United States proof of vaccination prior to boarding and a negative COVID-19 test performed within three days of flight. We have announced a new policy that requires proof. Biden will also tighten testing rules for unvaccinated US citizens. US citizens must be inspected before returning to the United States and within one day of returning to the United States.

Tighter rules for unvaccinated Americans require the White House to carry out thorough vaccination or testing requirements affecting as many as 100 million people to encourage holdouts to target shootings. Because it moved to impose.

Fully vaccinated passengers would not need to be quarantined, Zients said.

There are no immediate changes to the US border policy that restricts cross-border travel between Mexico and Canada.

Travel bans have been a source of growing geopolitical frustration, especially among British and EU allies. The mitigation will take place in the margin of this week’s UN General Assembly prior to the Biden meeting with several European leaders.

“It’s a more powerful system because it’s individual-based rather than a country-based approach,” Zients said.

The EU and UK have previously moved to allow vaccinated US travelers without quarantine to boost business and tourism. However, the EU last month recommended that US travelers be re-imposed on block travel restrictions due to the prevalence of coronavirus delta variants in the United States.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will require airlines to collect contact information from international travelers to facilitate tracking, Zients said.

It was not immediately clear which vaccines would be accepted under the US system and whether vaccines not approved in the US could be used. Zyents said the decision was up to the CDC.

The announcement on Monday received applause from the air travel industry, which lost significant revenue from the decline in international travel.

Delta spokesman Morgan Durant said, “Science says that combining vaccination and testing is the safest way to resume a trip, and this important decision will continue in the United States and abroad. We are optimistic that a successful economic recovery and reintegration will be possible. For families who are more than 18 months apart. “

Around the world, air travel is still more than half reduced from pre-pandemic levels, and cross-border flights are declining much more rapidly. By July, domestic travel had recovered to 84% of 2019, while international travel was only a few in the same month two years ago, according to this month’s figures from the International Air Transport Association, a major global trading group in the aviation industry. It was 26%.

According to Airlines for America, the numbers are similar, but less clear to the United States, where overseas travel in August was 46% of that in August 2019. Arrivals by non-US citizens were only 36% of 2019 levels.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted that he was “happy” with the news. He states: “This is a great boost to business and trade, and it’s great to have family and friends on either side of the pond reunited.”

Airlines welcomed the US decision as a lifeline for a struggling industry. Tim Alderslade, CEO of the trade group Airlines UK, said this was a “big step forward.”

“This was a big milestone …. The UK strengthened its ties with its most important economic partner, the United States, promoted trade and tourism, and promoted trade and tourism,” said Shy Weiss, Virgin Atlantic’s CEO. You will be able to reunite your friends, family and business associates. “

The change was also praised by a group of companies that have struggled with labor shortages as the economy recovered unexpectedly from last year’s coronavirus recession. US employers post job listings faster than applicants can fill. This was a record high of 10.9 million in July.

“Making vaccinated foreigners free to travel to the United States promotes a strong and lasting recovery of the U.S. economy,” Myron Brilliant, the Chamber of Commerce, responsible for international affairs in the United States, said in a statement. It will help you to do it. “

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Contributed by Associated Press writers Jill Lawless in London, Thomas Adamson Kumbuzis in Paris, and David König in Dallas.

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