US Embassy in Kabul warns of Covid-19 emergency

On Thursday, the U.S. Embassy in Kabul ordered staff to avoid leaving their dormitory to deal with it. Covid surge-19 cases It filled the intensive care unit, leading to multiple evacuation and the death of at least one staff member.

An internal control notice reviewed by The Wall Street Journal described the embassy’s chaotic situation. It said that about 114 cases of coronavirus were confirmed among the staff.

According to the notice, the rapid spread of the disease has expanded medical facilities and forced health units to create temporary wards to handle the influx of patients. The intensive care unit of the US military hospital, which supports the embassy, ​​is full and several staff members have been evacuated.

A notice approved by US Ambassador to the United States Ross Wilson said, “We need to break the chain of communications to protect each other and ensure that the mission is capable of carrying out the country’s business.”

This notice urged staff to report violations of the order and warned that those who did not comply were at risk of returning home on the next available flight.

US Embassy in Kabul warns of Covid-19 emergency

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