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Washington (NewsNation Now) —The US House of Representatives sets a new December 18 deadline for a week-long government-wide financing bill that Congress will put together both a COVID-19 bailout and a $ 1.4 trillion catchall spending bill. Was passed.

The 343-67 vote is expected to send a week-long bill to the Senate, passing it before the midnight deadline on Friday, avoiding partial government closures and giving lawmakers more time to negotiate. I will.

Republican top leaders, the Senate who deserves to handle late-stage negotiations, are the top four leaders in Congress and the Trump administration, eliminating Democratic demand for a $ 160 billion state and local aid package. The government said it was focusing on a proposal by majority leader Mitch McConnell.

Meanwhile, top Democrats are betting on a bipartisan senator group trying to settle the $ 908 billion package. The bipartisan group has not received encouragement from McConnell, but members have argued for progress on perhaps the most controversial item, the Kentucky Republican Party’s request to provide protection for businesses and other organizations in COVID-related proceedings. I am.

“We are trying to get a bipartisan compromise in line with the Gang of Eight framework,” said Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y. “We need leader McConnell to stop interfering with the negotiations and work with these eight gangsters. This is the most hopeful and only bipartisan group.”

However, Senate minority Whip John Thune, RS.D. Said that the only way to settle the negotiations would be with McConnell, Pelosi and the White House.

“The bipartisan group provided a good starting point, and hopefully the negotiations are real negotiations on what can eventually pass the House of Representatives, the Senate and be signed,” Thune said. Said. “We need to get started.”

The Trump administration is back in the midst of negotiations, offering a $ 916 billion package on Tuesday and sending $ 600 direct payments to most Americans, a week preferred by bipartisan groups of Senate negotiators. Eliminate $ 300 employment benefits.

The offer, which arrived on Tuesday, has received the support of top Republicans and clear support from McConnell, who had previously supported the $ 591 billion GOP program that had already failed twice. However, Democrats immediately criticized plans for the government’s refusal to return the partial recovery of the bonus pandemic unemployment allowance, which expired in August, to $ 300 a week.

Presidential election Joe Biden is not directly involved in the negotiations, but seeks pandemic bailouts as much as possible. McConnell says Congress will not postpone without providing the long-deferred COVID-19 bailout. All sides say failure is not an option.

A bipartisan negotiating group led by Democratic Senator Joe Manchin in West Virginia, Republican Senator Susan Collins in Maine, and Lisa Murkowski in Alaska is behind a $ 908 billion framework, including $ 300 a week. I’m trying to rally members of the Diet. Pandemic unemployment profits and $ 160 billion for state and municipalities. It’s more generous than the plan built by McConnell, but much smaller than the wishlist built by the House Democrats.

Details were leaked on Wednesday about the less controversial elements of the plan. This includes a four-month extension of the unemployment allowance, which is due to expire at the end of the month, $ 300 billion in “paycheck protection” subsidies for struggling companies, funding for vaccines and testing, and transportation assistance. Hosting small items such as, postal services, and healthcare providers.

Negotiations continue on the fiercely contested liability shield from COVID-related proceedings filed against companies, universities, and others that resumed during the pandemic. The issue of liability is seen as the key to a final agreement that combines business bailouts with the $ 160 billion state and local aid packages that the Democratic Party seeks.

“Currently, we’re targeting families in trouble, businesses that are failing, and healthcare professionals, and we don’t do stimulus checks on everyone, regardless of need,” Collins said. I will.

The potential COVID-19 agreement is an individual government-wide issue with its own set of issues, including a dispute over the protection of the Greater Sage-Finger, a census, and the accounting operations that lawmakers are using to squeeze $ 12. You’ll be riding the $ 1.4 trillion spending bill. An additional $ 1 billion to the law.

“We are still looking for a way to move forward,” McConnell said Wednesday morning.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

US House extends federal funding by one week, buying time for more COVID relief talks Source link US House extends federal funding by one week, buying time for more COVID relief talks

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