US launches emergency airlift to save Afghanistan’s allies at risk of Taliban revenge | Afghanistan

The United States, in collaboration with the military and diplomats, has launched an emergency airlift for Afghans who have evacuated hundreds of people still waiting for visas to the United States on military flights.

Only those who are in the final stages of a long, slow and bureaucratic visa process are eligible for airlift, but bringing large numbers of applicants to the US mainland is unprecedented in recent years, working on the program. Officials say.

This reflects rising US political pressure on the fate of the Afghans who supported NATO’s mission. Afghanistan And now, as the security situation worsens, we are facing retaliation.

Tens of thousands of Afghans associated with the United States are waiting for their visa application to be answered. These include more than 18,000 people who worked in the military and embassies, and more than 50,000 families who are eligible to travel with them. For years, some have been stuck.

There is also growing concern in the UK about the fate of Afghanistan’s allies. Dozens of former military commanders Last week, he called on the government to allow more people who worked for British troops to settle in the country.

Last week, CNN had a former U.S. military interpreter Taliban fighters take the lead At a radical checkpoint. Others still in the country say they face regular threats of killing and fear they will be cornered as armed groups occupy more territory.

The Taliban’s drastic benefits in the campaign launched in May have so far been limited to rural areas, but the government forces and militias that support them are struggling to curb. Taliban Fighters in three states.

In the south, airstrikes were called to protect Lashkar Gah in Helmand and Kandahar, and in western Herat, the airport was closed for several days due to fighting, and the United Nations said it had been attacked by militants who killed guards. ..

With about 200 passengers from Kabul, the first evacuation flight to the United States landed on Thursday, JC Hendrickson, for policy and advocacy of the Japan Disaster Relief Team (IRC) supporting the new arrival. Said the senior director. As a sign of how quickly the program was set up, Hendrickson was asked to attend only last week and said he rushed staff to Virginia to prepare.

The IRC has helped more than 16,000 Afghans settle in the United States after obtaining a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV), but this is the first time they have been involved in visa processing. They expect up to 3,000 people to arrive on special flights.

“Sure, I haven’t heard of this in the last decade or two … on US territory,” Hendrickson said.

“This is a big step in the right direction and helps those whose lives are at stake because of their relationship with the United States.”

He told the government that he would clear the unprocessed portion of the SIV application and another visa program for Afghans who have an American link that could be targeted by the Taliban but are not eligible for an SIV visa. Called for further support for endangered Afghans, including setting up. ..

“Government should take a’all and kitchen sink’approach to assist those who are members of the United States,” Hendrickson said, adding resources to visa processing for military and embassy staff. Assigned and endangered other Afghans. “There are tools that the US government can deploy outside of this particular (SIV) process, and we believe it is urgently needed.”

President Biden has promised not to abandon Afghanistan’s allies as the United States rushed out of Vietnam.

Governments are reportedly looking for ways to secure tens of thousands of visa applicants while they are still being scrutinized and are discussing their acceptance with governments in Central Asia and the Persian Gulf.

Under what is known as “humanitarian parole,” the United States is directly granted permission to a small number of people who have already completed a rigorous background and security review. They were only waiting for a medical examination or visa issuance.

People with SIV visas are usually expected to arrange their own trips from Afghanistan, but military aircraft are flying this group to the United States. According to the Pentagon, they will be held at Fort Lee’s military base until the final stages of visa application are complete. last week.

Taliban Said They do no harm to interpreters, but few people in the US military trust the guarantee. There were multiple reports of human rights abuses, including targeted killings, in areas seized by the group.

These include videos that seemed to show Taliban fighters Group execution Of Commando when they tried to surrender in May. The Taliban denied the execution of soldiers and said the video was forged.

Last month, militants also cut the body of Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Darnish Sidiki, who worked for Reuters. The New York Times reported On Saturday, I quoted Afghan and Indian officials as well as photos.

US launches emergency airlift to save Afghanistan’s allies at risk of Taliban revenge | Afghanistan

Source link US launches emergency airlift to save Afghanistan’s allies at risk of Taliban revenge | Afghanistan

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