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The United States has won the 25th consecutive Olympic Games and was the last to lose at the Athens Olympics 17 years ago, where it won the bronze medal.

For the first time since 2004, the US men’s basketball team lost at the Olympics. And the American quest for four consecutive gold medals is already facing serious problems.

France, the team that kicked Americans out of the fight at the Basketball World Cup two years ago, hit the United States again. With less than a minute left, Evan Fournier’s three-pointer led France to stay behind the Americans 83-76 on Sunday in the opening round of both teams at the Tokyo Olympics.

The United States has won the 25th consecutive Olympic Games and was the last to lose at the Athens Olympics 17 years ago, where it won the bronze medal.

“If you think Americans are just going to spread the ball and win, I think it’s a bit arrogant,” said US coach Gregg Popovich. “We have to work for it like everyone else, and for those 40 minutes they played better than us.”

France has 28 points, Rudy Gobert has 14 points, Nando de Colo has 13 points, the United States has Jul Holiday 18 points, Bam Adebayo has 12 points, Damian Lillard has 11 points, and Kevin Durant has. Americans scored 10 points. Three of their games this summer, the first four, were exhibitions in Las Vegas and shouldn’t have made much sense.

Olympics, they should have been different.

They weren’t. Returning to the World Cup in China two years ago, Americans have been 3-5 in the last eight games and NBA players are included in the lineup.

“That’s great,” Gobert said. “But it doesn’t really matter until you have what you want to wear around your neck.”

The idea that someone else will leave the Olympics for money has not been so realistic in recent years. Now it’s very realistic.

The 10-point US lead in the third quarter was wasted, and the 12-point barrage from the first four-and-a-half-minute holiday in the fourth quarter was also wasted. This is because Americans went down 6 points to start the period and went up 6 points. 5:23 left.

The lead was 7, with 3:30 remaining. France beat the United States 16-2 from there, and the Americans missed all nine shots. During the 21 seconds down the same floor in the last minute, he missed five shots, three shots from a three-point range.

The dagger has fallen out of broken play. Guerschon Yabusere jumped in to prevent the ball from going out of bounds on the French attacking side and throwing the ball at Fournier. He caught the ball in front of a US bench and made three pointers that would make France stand forever with 57 seconds remaining.

“Evan was great,” said French coach Vincent Colette. “I don’t want to use big, big, big words, but he made some very big shots.”

Losses do not knock the United States out of the medal battle, but it essentially eliminates error margins. Americans will play Iran on Wednesday and the Czech Republic on Saturday in the last two Group A games. If you win both of them, the United States will be in the quarterfinals. If you lose one more thing, Americans may not even end in the top eight of this 12-team tournament.

The US lead was 10 at the beginning of the third quarter after Durant won the opening basket in the second half. However, the attack was completely sputtered for most of that period-and it, coupled with the Durrants foul trouble, caused major problems.

The Americans scored 3 points in the third 7 minutes, and Durant picked up the fourth foul. With a FIBA ​​limit of 5 and 16:45 remaining game time, the former comfortable lead soon disappeared. Decolo’s three-points remained in third place at 2:42, with France 55-54, the first lead since the first four minutes of the game.

Decolo reconnected with a 59-56 lead, and Thomas Heurtel made another 3 in the second half of the third, raising France to 62-56 to advance to the final quarter.

This is the first time the United States and France have played since the quarterfinals of the Basketball World Cup two years ago, when the Americans lost. France has seven athletes on the team’s Olympic roster. There are only two in the United States, but the importance of the other ten who have heard a lot about it has not been lost.

The United States outbound in the game 44-28, abandoning 22 points from the turnover and scoring an outscore 22-5 in the last seven and a half minutes. The finals were France 89 and US 79. The defeat removed Americans from the medal battle, and USA Basketball finished in seventh place, the worst in history, in a tournament with NBA players.

And on Sunday night, in an almost empty arena near Tokyo, France did it again — it hit the United States even harder.

Hint in

France: Frank Ntilikina was unable to play in the match and said the French Union continued to deal with “slight muscle discomfort.” … France took the first nine free throws in the game. The US didn’t shoot one until JaVale McGee entered the line with 8:27 remaining in the second quarter. … Yabusere temporarily ended the game with 1:30 left after kneeling on the holidays.

USA: Durant fouled three times in the first half, only 10 times in his last 544 NBA appearances. … the United States used 11 players in the first half, and only Jerami Grant did not participate in the game.


Durant has completely won fourth place on the US Men’s Olympics list. He is currently playing 17 games, behind Carmelo Anthony (31), LeBron James (24) and David Robinson (24). There are 15 athletes who have participated in the Olympics 16 times.


France: Play against Czech Republic on Wednesday.

USA: Play against Iran on Wednesday.

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US loses to France 83-76, the 25-game Olympic win streak ends Source link US loses to France 83-76, the 25-game Olympic win streak ends

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