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New York (AP) — The 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero began on Saturday with a moment of silence, with a ringing bell, just 20 years after the start of the worst terrorist attack on US soil.

President Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton joined a crowd of victims’ relatives and first responders at the September 11th Memorial Square in New York. A commemorative stand where the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were struck by a hijacked plane and knocked down.

Events are also planned in two other locations where the 9/11 conspirators crashed the jet, the Pentagon and the fields near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Biden will pay homage to all three locations.

The anniversary was in a pandemic crisis, behind the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, and is now dominated by the same militants who gave the 9/11 plotters a safe haven.

The attack killed about 3,000 people and marked the beginning of a new era of fear, war, politics, patriotism and tragedy.

“It’s difficult because I wanted this to be another time and another world, but history begins to repeat and sometimes it’s not the best way to do it,” he said, losing his father in an attack and grounding in New York. Said Sea Trinidad, who signed up to read the victim’s name at the ceremony at Zero.

In a video released Friday night, Biden mourned the ongoing losses of 9/11.

“Children grow up without parents, and parents suffer without children,” said Biden, a childhood friend of Davis Glia Sezuna Jr., the father of the victim on September 11.

But the president also spotlighted what he called the “central lesson” of September 11: “Our most vulnerable … unity is our greatest strength.”

Former President George W. Bush of the 9/11 terrorist attacks will be at the Pennsylvania Memorial and his successor, Barack Obama’s Ground Zero.The only other US President since 9/11, Donald Trump, plans to be in New York in addition to offering Commentary on a boxing match In Florida in the evening.

From wreaths in Portland, Maine to a fire truck parade in Guam, other events are currently planned nationwide, full of shields, statues and memorial gardens on 9/11.

Using hijacked planes as missiles, perpetrators launched the most deadly terrorist attacks on US soil, killing nearly 3,000 people, defeating twin towers, and entering an era of horror.

Airport checkpoints, police practices, government oversight have changed, and security has been redefined. In the years that followed, virtually significant explosions, crashes, or acts of violence seemed to raise the dire question “Is it terrorism?” Despite several ideological violence and plots, federal officials and the general public have recently become increasingly concerned about threats from domestic militants after years of focus on international terrorist groups in the wake of the 9/11 conspiracy. Embracing.

New York faced an early question as to whether it could recover from the blow to the financial hub and restore security between the crowd and skyscrapers. New Yorkers eventually rebuilt a more populous and prosperous city, but widened the gap between empowered post-9/11 police station tactics and those who have and those who don’t. Had to be considered.

The “War on Terror” led to the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, ending last month with a rush of massive air transport interrupted by a suicide bomber that killed 169 Afghanistan and 13 U.S. military personnel. rice field. Islamic State radical group. The United States is currently concerned that al-Qaeda, the terrorist network behind 9/11, could be reorganized in Afghanistan.

Twenty years after helping a colleague triage and treat an injured Pentagon on September 11, retired Army Colonel Malcolm Bruce Westcott was frustrated by the continued threat of terrorism.

Westcott of Greensboro, Georgia, said: “And we told it.”

For Angelique Tung, who was at the trade center for the 9/11 business meeting and went down 77 steps, the US withdrawal from Afghanistan aroused sympathy for the troops he served there. Some wonder if their efforts and sacrifices made a difference. It reminds Tung of the questions she asked herself since she survived September 11th.

“I hope other people are asking that question 20 years later: what’s next?” Said Kiri of Wellesley, Massachusetts.

On September 11th, we promoted a surge of common sorrow and common purpose, but soon gave way.

Muslim Americans endured suspicions, surveillance, and hate crimes. The quest to understand the devastating sacrifices of terrorist attacks prompted changes in building design and emergency communications, but it also spurred conspiracy theories that instilled a culture of skepticism. Division and resentment have grown beyond immigration, a balance of tolerance and vigilance, the meaning of patriotism, the proper way to honor the dead, and the promise of “never forget.”

Trinidad was ten years old when he heard his father Michael say goodbye to his mother over the phone from a burning trade center. She remembers not only the pain when the whole of New York “feels like a family”, but also the day-to-day fellowship that followed.

Trinidad, Orlando, Florida, said: “If I was caught up in that feeling, I think it would have been such a different world.”

US marks 20 years since 9/11, in shadow of Afghan war’s end Source link US marks 20 years since 9/11, in shadow of Afghan war’s end

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