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Nail bitter Republican primary for Senate Race in Pennsylvania Between Donald Trump-Approved Mehmet Oz When Dave McCormick To replace the Republican Party. Pat toomeyAfter serving two terms, he announced that he would not run again.

Toomey saw his state party doing some interesting things last night. Pennsylvania Republican Nomination of Trump support Doug Mastriano for GovernorElection refusal outside US Capitol upon January 6, 2021..

In the general election, Mastriano disagrees Josh ShapiroThe person who ran without objection Democratic primary election..Anyone who wins the Senate Republican primary will play John FettermanLieutenant Governor of the State.

Pat Toomey told me he didn’t know Doug Mastriano and didn’t vote. #pagov.. But he said Mastriano’s “holding judgment” until he knew him.

Asked about Mastriano’s false election allegations in 2020: “I know he said I disagree.”

— Manu Raju (@mkraju) May 18, 2022

Toomey voted for Bill McSwain.

Toomy also said he was confident that either McCormick or Oz could beat Fetterman. #pasen.. And he said the two Republicans were “probably stronger” candidates than Barnett was. He didn’t say who he supported.

— Manu Raju (@mkraju) May 18, 2022

Asked about the headwinds caused by Mastriano’s down ticket, Toomy said: So I’m very happy with our outlook for retaining the Senate. “

— Manu Raju (@mkraju) May 18, 2022

Is this ironic?The Daily Beast indicate one sheet Big lie It Donald Trump Keep out about 2020 presidential election Has to do with Mail ballot: Joe Biden Won the swing state PennsylvaniaMainly via a 2m mail ballot that Trump opposed.

Now, Republican primary for Senate See closer than ever, whether you’re a Trump candidate or not – Mehmet OzA celebrity doctor well known as Dr. Oz -victory Dave McCormickFormer hedge fund boss, will probably fall for a mail vote.

If Oz wins, it will be interesting to see if the Trump team opposes the mailing of ballots.

Adam Kinzinger, Republican Parliamentarian from Illinois People who have repeatedly left the party line when it comes to problems Donald Trump And that January 6 attack To US CapitolWent to CNN to comment on Trump-approved candidates Madison Cawthorn Lose his seat at House..

“That’s good for the country. Good for parties. Good for the 11th district. North Carolina“Kinsinger said. “DC is a place of growth for those who are more interested in fame than governance and more interested in becoming more famous than actually doing serious work when they have many challenges here. Many challenges at home and abroad. It’s good that he lost. ”

He continued: “It’s good to see him lose.”

Anyone who wins Republican primary for Senate of Pennsylvania ―――― Mehmet OzA celebrity doctor well known as Dr. OzAlso Dave McCormickFormer hedge fund boss – John FettermanVice Governor who won easily Democratic primary election,apart from stroke He was taken off the campaign on the last weekend before the election.

PA — Thank you for choosing me as a Democratic candidate for the Pennsylvania Senator !!!!!!!! 😭😭

I am very honored.

— John Fetterman (@JohnFetterman) May 18, 2022

Joe Biden Approved Fetterman yesterday.

Among the numerous scandals, the first member of parliament Madison Cawthorn Lost a seat at House of Representatives After failing to defeat the challenge from state legislators last night Chuck Edwards In North Carolina Republican primary.

Let’s run some of the scandals that plague this 26-year-old, once considered a Republican nova:

  • He called Volodymyr Zelensky Later “thug” Russia Invasion Ukraine..
  • He claimed without evidence that a Washington person he “respected” invited him to an orgy and used cocaine.House minority leader Kevin McCarthy He publicly accused Cawthorn of his remarks.
  • Police stopped Cawthorn in three quoted drives since October.
  • Authorities have caught Kosorn with a gun at an airport checkpoint twice since last year, including last month.
  • A video released in the last week of the campaign showed Cawthorn in a sexually suggestive pose.

Even with all the scandals, the stubborn Trump ally Corthorn is still Donald Trump.. Shortly before the primary, Trump posted on his social media site that voters supported Corthorn: “Recently, he made some stupid mistakes.

Click here for details:

Key Results: Ozrock Horn with McCormick in Trump’s Power Test in Pennsylvania

Oh, live blog readers. Happy wednesday.

Yesterday was the biggest major night of the year and there were voters in five states – Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Oregon, Idaho When Kentucky – Select candidates at the heart of this year’s most controversial battle over the management of Congress, the State Capitol, and the Governor’s Office.

At the moment, Republican nomination for Senate seat Pencil bania Between the necks Mehmet OzA celebrity doctor well known as Dr. OzWhen Dave McCormick, Former hedge fund boss.Oz approved by Donald TrumpI’m currently chasing McCormick, but the race is too close.

Many are watching races to measure Trump’s lasting grip on the Republicans. This is one of many tests at night. Oz’s race is still too close, Pennsylvania Republicans manually nominated Governor for Trump’s choice – Doug Mastriano – Election refusals outside US Capitol upon January 6, 2021..

But in North Carolina, Republicans Exile Senate Trump Candidate – – Madison Cawthorn, The first member of parliament suffered from a scandal.But in this same situation, Trump-backed MPs Ted Bad Defeated the former governor Pat McCrory Twelve other candidates to conclude the Republican nomination to the Senate.

of IdahoThe sitting governor, Blood Little, Defeated his far-right vice governor, Janice McGeetinA Trump-supported candidate who tried two power grabs to ban the coronavirus mask and vaccine obligations when Little shut down.

Read more about the results here:

I will come more.

US Primary: Dr. Oz Connected with McCormick in Testing Trump’s Influence on Republicans – Live | US Politics

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