US public health at stake as Covid is urging officials to curb authority | US health care

More than half of US states have introduced new legislation to limit public health activities, including policies that require quarantine or quarantine and require vaccines or masks. According to experts, public health in the United States is currently at stake between new legislation and the massive withdrawal of the workforce during a pandemic.

New restrictions and deficiencies not only affect the response to the coronavirus, but also make it difficult to contain the outbreak of influenza, measles and other health crises and weaken the United States to fight future pandemics. ..

“We are very, very worried about the retreat of public health power,” Marcus Precia, chief medical officer of the State and Territory Health Officials Association, told the Guardian. “We thought there would be a public health renaissance, and we could be at the height of a major decline.”

Individual survey by Kaiser Health News And that New York Times We found that at least 32 states have introduced about 100 new legislation to limit the state and local governments’ response to the health crisis.

“It’s a pretty tough future,” David Rosnell, a public health and social historian at Columbia University, told the Guardian. “This is a spectacular moment in American history, where all of these traditions and ideas are mobilized to create a fundamental discord, not a harmony around illness. I’ve never seen this before. “

Legislatures in all US states are proposing legislation that permanently limits the ability of civil servants to protect the health of their people. Some did not pass the legislature or were rejected by the governor, while others were involved in a court battle.

These measures include, among other things, banning mask and vaccine obligations, overturning public health orders, curbing emergency authority, and strengthening control over school, church, and business closures.

Local health officials are particularly concerned about not being able to impose quarantine on exposed people or quarantine on those who test positive for coronavirus or other infectious diseases.

“Quarantine and quarantine are really very important steps taken by the public health sector in the event of any type of infectious disease,” said Precia. “These are the kind of forces that allow us to act very quickly and resolve the infectious disease threat before it becomes more widespread.”

For example, Montana has some Maximum limit, Limiting quarantine and quarantine requirements, new controls from elected officials to the Health Commission, and banning vaccination requirements in the workplace, and even in the medical system. New legislation makes it difficult to isolate or isolate patients with influenza and measles and can contribute to the spread of many vaccine-preventable illnesses.

Montana is currently experiencing one of the largest pandemic surges, with the highest incidence of new cases at this time and the second highest incidence of hospitalizations and deaths.The state-wide health care system Enactment Crisis of care standards.

Cases have declined in some US states, but have surged in others.New Mexico on Monday clear A medical system for implementing a medical standards crisis as patients continue to fill their beds and labor shortages continue. Covid was again the leading cause of death in the United States this week, according to For scientific models.

Dr. Faisal Khan, director of health in St. Louis County, asked questions raised by council members at a July meeting after defending Musk’s mission that he was called a racial slur and was physically assaulted. Answer to. Photo: Raleigh Scrivan / AP

Local leaders need to be able to make decisions to help the communities in which they live and work, Blair Bryant, quasi-legislative officer for the National County Association’s Health, told Guardians. “We don’t want to take local control from county officials, let alone local public health officials, during a pandemic.

“There is a huge impact on how we can respond to this pandemic, the next epidemic, and the outbreak of other infectious diseases,” said Bryant.

Before Covid attacked, US public health was already underfunded and understaffed. Many public health workers have faced long hours and short budgets during historically large campaigns on contact tracing, testing and vaccination. Faced with threats and harassment..

is more than 500 health authorities Since the beginning of the pandemic, he has left the scene due to resignation, retirement, or more than 1 in 5 Americans Local health officials have seen decades of valuable experience embark on during the greatest health crisis of the century.In North Dakota, three consecutive state health officers Resign In 2020.

The overgrown health sector is also Rapid increase in overdose Increase in sexually transmitted diseases, lead poisoning, etc.

According to one report, about 80,000 health care workers (up 80%) are needed to continue to provide basic medical services. Conclusion..

However, most of the federal funding is not directed to long-term public health programs, and it is not clear whether the health sector will remain well-funded after the pandemic.

And the problem is finding people who want to work in the field after a long time and witnessing threats to health authorities.

“Many of the really talented and talented people you want to be able to get into these jobs are probably trying to think twice about whether they want to take on the job,” Precia said. Told. “Some experts will consider these jobs too risky.”

Despite the problems now, public health is still able to turn the corner and get out of the pandemic, experts say.

“The Covid-19 pandemic sheds light on the importance of public health,” Bryant said. Despite resistance, the measures and precautions taken “actually affect the spread of the virus.”

“We have the opportunity to really improve the system,” Precia said. But if the limitations and shortfalls aren’t resolved, “the problem will occur when the next pandemic occurs. It’s a much more serious problem than this time.”

In the United States, public health measures have been in place since the country was founded, and Americans have long had an individualistic attitude that pervades health, Rosner said. But “emphasizing individual rights over collective responsibility” is a new phenomenon.

“Health has always been something we basically unite. This is usually one function of government that is not a big issue, and it is the government’s right to protect the health of the people,” Rossner said. Says.

Now it’s changing – and its impact echoes.

“It’s not just the failure of public health. The public health crisis shows that a political and cultural crisis is imminent,” Rosner said. “Ultimately, we rely on everyone to act in a particular way, especially in the case of infectious diseases, and we have a lot of distrust of governments and authorities. If you have a politician mobilizing to create that distrust, you are in trouble. That is us. “

US public health at stake as Covid is urging officials to curb authority | US health care

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