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US retailer JCPenney joins sustainability program The Jeans Redesign




August 4, 2021

American retailer JCPenney Joined The Jeans Redesign to reduce its environmental impact and provide its customers with sustainable products. As part of this project, JCPenney is focusing its design and manufacturing efforts on durability standards, eco-friendly packaging, increased content of organic and recycled fibers, and eco-friendly cleaning programs.

JCPenney joins 94 participants, including major fashion brands, retailers, garment makers and textile factories, with insights into the latest design and manufacturing to drive a more sustainable future for jeans and all fashion products. Can be heard.

Previously, retailers shared how to procure organic content, included recycled content in their fabrics, removed metal rivets, eliminated toxic substances, and promoted a safe jeans manufacturing process.

“As part of this initiative and our commitment to sustainability, we strive to provide our customers with the best products in the most ethical, safe and sustainable ways with the least environmental impact. And is steadily incorporating long-term sustainability into its practices. In a statement, JCPenney said in a statement, Briana Seferian, senior designer of the Product Sustainability Working Group and a leader in professional women’s clothing and circulation. ..

Jeans redesign starts with one of the most iconic products, jeans, by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) July 2019 to fundamentally address the critical waste and pollution issues in the fashion industry. It was started in. Jeans Redesign, which provides a set of guidelines for manufacturing products according to the principles of the circular economy, aims to ensure durability, material integrity, recyclability, and traceability.

“Jeans redesign supports organizations to explore ways to bring products to market using circular economy principles and build confidence to learn. Jeans redesign is suitable for the circular economy. “It shows that we can create,” said Laura Balmond, leader of Make Fashion Circular at EMF.

US retailer JCPenney joins sustainability program The Jeans Redesign

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