US Senate Candidates and Their Final Message – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2020-10-18 09:30:44 –

(LEX 18) — Millions of votes have already been cast nationwide. But for those who are still waiting to fill out ballots, politicians want their final message to be able to seal the deal.

Here in Kentucky, Senator Mitch McConnell and former Marine Corps pilot Amy McGrath have been trading offensive ads for months.

What is expected to be the most expensive race in Kentucky history may also be remembered as one of the most controversial.

“Mitch McConnell likes to call the campaign hot salsa, which is pretty hot,” said Alcross, director of the UK Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Affairs.

Cross is also a longtime Kentucky reporter. He says that for decades, Senator McConnell’s advantage was that his opponents couldn’t compete with him in cash.

This time, McGrath is literally running for his money, thanks to her huge funding. However, Cross believes McConnell’s message in this campaign cycle is more effective.

“When he sees the opening, he tries to get the most out of it. She gave her opponent a lot of opening because of her cautious remarks in the house race and the current race,” said Cross. ..

However, Democratic strategist Matt Erwin said McConnell’s debate performance helped her continue to attack and draw McConnell’s attention when it comes to health care.

“Her message about protecting the health care of Kentucky citizens is the sweet spot for voters, because it’s right and it’s right for the state. I think she’ll continue to be devoted to it.” Said Erwin. ..

Cross agrees that the message about health care is her strong suit.

“I think McConnell’s healthcare ad was probably effective, because McConnell and his allies are back with a healthcare ad trying to associate McConnell with a single-payer offer she denied.” Mr. Cross said.

So while McGrath’s closing message may be healthcare, Mitch McConnell’s closing message is “Mitch McConnell”.

“The message is clear. Senator McConnell is one of the three or four of Washington, DC’s most powerful. He can deliver to Kentucky, something that the first Senator Backbench can never do.” Former Communication Director of the Kentucky Republican Party.

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