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It is the most advanced weapons system ever offered to Ukraine and is called the High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS).

HIMARS can attack targets 48 miles away, and the rocket holds an explosive equivalent to a 500-pound bomb.

“It can fire dozens of rockets very quickly, but cannon cannons take more time to reach their target,” said Mark, Senior Advisor to the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Kansian said. “Enemy artillery may attack before picking up and moving.”

Russian artillery caused most of the destruction in Ukraine. Therefore, Ukrainian leaders have sought a system to help neutralize the threat.

“They are also good to combine with some of the other systems that Ukrainians are getting,” Kansian continued. “For example, a drone where you can find the position of the artillery and the counter artillery radar that the Russian artillery unit provided when it fired — these radars check where the bullets are coming from and where the control is coming from. After calculating, Ukrainians can fire directly at that location. “

A Kremlin spokesman responded to the news by saying, “The United States is deliberately and enthusiastically pouring fuel into the fire.”

President Biden New York Times On Tuesday, “We are not seeking a war between NATO and Russia. As long as I disagree with Mr Putin and think his actions are full of anger, the United States will also expel him in Moscow. I won’t do that. “

And the Pentagon says Ukrainians have promised not to use HIMARS to fire on Russian territory.

“The Ukrainians have given us a guarantee that this system will only be used for defense purposes,” said Under Secretary of Defense Colin Kahl.

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