US Supreme Court overturns New York’s pistol law with a painful blow to push gun control | US gun control

The US Supreme Court After a conservative majority broke New York law that imposed strict restrictions on firearms outside the home, almost all law-abiding Americans were able to carry hidden and loaded pistols in public. I opened the door.

The Democratic Governor of New York said the ruling was “not only reckless, but also blamed.” A leading progressive group who pointed out recent mass shootings in Newyork and Texas and called the ruling “shameful, ridiculous.”

Joe Biden said: “This ruling is inconsistent with both common sense and the Constitution and should bother us all deeply.”

On the left, anger is rising over the court’s march to the right. Earlier this week, the court said Separation of church and state..Expected to weaken or remove rights as soon as Friday abortionGuaranteed since 1973, diminishes the federal government’s ability to reduce emissions To the climate crisis..

New York law, which was withdrawn on Thursday, required that anyone who wants to carry a pistol in public prove that there is a “just cause” for doing so.

The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v Bruen ruling makes the law unconstitutional in Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment.

In his judgment, Judge Clarence Thomas I have written: “Except for some outlier jurisdictions in the late 19th century, the US government does not widely ban the public carrying of firearms commonly used for the defense of individuals, nor do they. Generally does not require law-abiding and responsible citizens to “show a special need for self-defense that is distinct from that of the general public” in order to carry weapons in public.

The New York law written by Thomas also violated the Fourteenth Amendment, which created the right to the second amendment applicable to the state.

In a statement, Biden noted past Supreme Court approvals for the duration of New York gun law and the need to regulate gun ownership.

The president said: “Since 1911, New York has urged individuals who want to carry their hidden weapons in public to require a license, indicating that they need to carry them for self-defense purposes. After this, the United States Supreme Court has chosen to defeat long-standing authority to protect the citizens of New York. “

Biden added: [conservative] justice [Antonin] Scalia recognized, the second fix is ​​not absolute. For centuries, the state has regulated who can buy or own weapons, the types of weapons they can use, and where they are carried. The court upheld these regulations.

“I call on Americans across the country to hear their voice about gun safety. Life is at a loss.”

Biden said the ruling was “contradictory to common sense and the Constitution.” Photo: Drew Angeler / Getty Images

This ruling has profound implications for the safety and behavior of up to 83 million people in New York and seven other states and Washington, DC with similar “justification” laws. They include populous states such as California and New Jersey, accounting for about three in four Americans.

18 years old with a legally purchased assault style rifle just a few weeks ago Shot and killed 10 people racistly attacked a supermarket in the majority of black settlements in Buffalo, New York.

Ten days later, another 18-year-old child invaded an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, and killed 19 children and 2 adults before being shot dead by law enforcement.

Since then, Democratic and Republican senators have agreed on a gun control framework. On Thursday, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said: Said The proposal would not “put one finger on Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment” but would make the country safer. However, gun control inevitably faced strong headwinds and could be blown to court, helping McConnell squeeze conservatives.

Stephen Breyer, who opposed the New York ruling, is a liberal judge who will soon retire, writing: 45,222 The American was killed by a firearm.Has been around since the beginning of this year 277 Reported mass shootings – an average of at least once a day.

“Gun violence is now Beyond Car accidents are the leading cause of death for children and adolescents. Many states have some of the dangers of gun violence just described by passing legislation that restricts people who may buy, carry, or use different types of firearms in different ways. I’m trying to deal with it.

“Today’s courts are putting a serious burden on the state’s efforts to do so.”

Rahna Epting, Executive Director of Progressive Group MoveOn, lamented “a shameful, ridiculous decision that would lead to more deaths and more violence,” adding: , Our grocery store, and our church continue to be the target of violence, not sanctuaries or safe places. “

Courts have steadily weakened gun law. In 2008, he granted the right to leave the gun at home for self-defense. It extended that right to 2010.

The New York case was brought to court after two men sued the state. Under the “just cause” law, men can only secure unlimited permits to carry hidden guns in public places if they can show a special need for self-defense. I did. Lawyers argued that carrying firearms out of the house was a “basic constitutional right.” It is not a special action that requires proof of special need. “

Several civil rights and gun safety groups have sought to discourage courts from eradicating New York regulations. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) argued that lifting restrictions on carrying guns in public places would undermine the rights of the First Amendment to meetings, associations, speeches, etc. Advocates of gun control warned that abolishing the law could worsen police-civil relations, as anyone in contact with law enforcement agencies is likely to be legally armed.

“The Supreme Court is retreating us in dealing with gun violence … this decision should be criticized as well as reckless,” New York Governor Kathy Hokul said on Thursday. rice field.Hochul too Said “I was ready to bring Congress back to the session to deal with this,” she said.

New York Attorney General Letitia James said the decision “doesn’t discourage us from standing in the gun lobby and discouraging their repetitive efforts to endanger the New Yorkers.”

Brian Frosh, Attorney General of Maryland, Said The ruling said, “It will make life more difficult and more dangerous for law enforcement agencies. The epidemic of gun violence that is sweeping our country is to introduce more guns into this boiling cauldron. It shows stupidity every day. “

Epting said: Common sense policies to reduce gun violence are endorsed by nine out of ten Americans. This court once again showed its true color. It is now just the political sector of the Republican Party’s most extreme element. “

Epting said he had an unprecedented denial even at a hearing with Barack Obama’s third candidate, Merrick Garland (now the Attorney General), and three judges under Donald Trump. “We stole the seats and stuffed the court to enact that voters repeatedly refused,” he said. Ballot box.

“It was a long time ago that we expanded and reformed the courts and rebalanced the judicial system.”

US Supreme Court overturns New York’s pistol law with a painful blow to push gun control | US gun control

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