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Stanford, CA – August 3: Sierra Schmidt pool decks before the women’s 400m freestyle final begins on the fourth day of the Phillips 66 National Championship in Stanford, CA on August 3, 2019. I will dance at. (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham / Getty Images)

(((NewsNation Now) — American swimmer Sierra Schmidt has a fairly relevant problem as he approaches the pool before the big Olympic Games.

She can be a little nervous.

So, before her qualifying race in a 1,500-meter swim on Wednesday night, she went to one of her dependable moves, dance.

“It’s a way to deal with certain nerves just before I swim,” Schmidt told News Nation’s Aaron Nolan. “It’s a way I focus, and it’s actually a dynamic warm-up.”

The last point is part of the reaction on social media. Even the broadcast announcer said she might be wasting her energy on how hard she danced before the race.

“You need to raise your heart rate before you can get into the water,” Schmidt explains why. “It’s really cool about swimming. Some people don’t want to talk, they can really focus, and some people want to talk and socialize with everyone. You want to awaken them. There are people who slap their muscles. I think I’m a little more unique. “

She said Wednesday’s dance was in line with the K-POP group Twice’s “Cheer Up” song. She told NewsNation that there are 36 dances in her repertoire.

“That’s what I’m working on before the meeting, make sure you know it’s not too burdensome, and if I need to fix things I’ll do things I’ll fix it, “she said. “I try to keep things interesting and fresh in what you know and do different dances.”

Schmidt wasn’t able to take part in either of the two spots on the US 1,500-meter team, but it was special to take part in his first run of the race in an Olympic trial.

“I think we are all really honored to have this wonderful opportunity,” she said. “I think that’s why we offered as many events as we could, because we wanted to make sure this was an event to remember.”

US swimmer Sierra Schmidt’s dance before Olympic trial race goes viral Source link US swimmer Sierra Schmidt’s dance before Olympic trial race goes viral

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