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Portland, Oregon 2021-11-29 09:39:14 –

Washington(NewsNation Now) — As the variants of the Omicron coronavirus continue to spread worldwide, the United States began restricting travel to at least eight African countries on Monday.

The place where the new variant first appeared is unknown, but South African scientists have warned the World Health Organization. Seen now For travelers arriving in several countries, from Australia to Israel and the Netherlands.

President Joe Biden met with his COVID-19 responsive team on Sunday when the White House urged Americans to get their booster shots. Japan’s top infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, He told Biden that it would take another two weeks to find out how infectious and serious the Omicron variants really are.

This will come later Fauci said he wouldn’t be surprised if there was a variant of Omicron. I was already in America.

“If you have a virus that has not been detected yet, but shows this degree of infectivity, and you already have travel-related cases in Israel, Belgium, etc., then you have the following virus: In most cases, it will end up in essentially everything, “Fouch said.

President Biden will speak to the public on Monday morning about the spread of Omicron variants. NewsNation will livestream his remarks on the above players.

“I’m not sure about this variant, except that it seems to be a big concern and spreading rapidly,” Biden told reporters on Sunday.

Both Pfizer and Moderna said they are monitoring variants and are expecting more information about the effectiveness of the current vaccine in the coming weeks.

Pfizer said the vaccine could be adjusted to be more effective against this variant, “shipping the first batch within 6 weeks, within 100 days”, if needed.

Paul Burton, Chief Medical Officer of Moderna, told the BBC on Sunday that vaccine makers could introduce a re-prescription vaccine against the Omicron mutant next year.

“We need to know about the ability of current vaccines to provide protection in the coming weeks, but what’s remarkable about RNA vaccines is that the Moderna platform can move very fast,” Burton said. ..

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US travel ban begins as omicron variant spreads globally Source link US travel ban begins as omicron variant spreads globally

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