US withdrawal jeopardizes Afghan women’s freedom

President Biden Underlined His plan to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan in nearly 20 years. Efforts began in May, and in the absence of US troops, the Taliban are ready to reverse the interests of women in Afghanistan and expand its reach nationwide.

For the past 20 years, Kabul has become a place where women can walk freely. There is no need to wear a burqa or accompany a male relative. With the withdrawal of the United States, these fundamental freedoms can quickly be threatened.

Earlier this month, a video shared online showed that the woman was brutally beaten by the Taliban: 40 eyelashes for adultery accusations. CBS News confirmed that the incident happened in Herat at the end of last year. This is an example of what is already happening in the Taliban-controlled areas.

The 27-year-old mayor of Maidanshire, Zarifa Ghaffari, is familiar with the cruel methods of the Taliban. Her father was shot outside his home in Kabul. “I never kissed him. I never hugged him. It was very hard,” she told CBS News and wiped her tears.

Ghaffari is the youngest mayor in the country and one of the only women to hold that position. She survived three assassination attempts. “They started shooting from behind, like this, like this, and from the front, they shot, shot, shot, shot,” she recalled. “Just 20 days later, they killed my father.”

Zari Fagafari
Zari Fagafari

CBS News

The United States has sought assurance that the Taliban will not re-impose strict Islamic law. Like many women, Ghaffari is afraid of what’s to come. “They will not change. Trusting them will be a big mistake again.”

Afghanistan is preparing for further backlash. Mr Biden may have extended the US military withdrawal until September 11, but warned that it would be rejected by the Taliban and have consequences.

US withdrawal jeopardizes Afghan women’s freedom

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