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Riverside, California 2021-12-01 18:25:03 –

Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce, Vice President of Marketing and Promotion at Sandy Jumper, said:

Rockport, Texas — The city of Lockport was recently named “Best Coastal Small Towns” by USA Today.

The coastal town took part in a travel award contest hosted by USA Today, with Rockport in third place.

Rockport-According to a news release from the Fulton Chamber of Commerce, Sandy Jumper, Vice President of Marketing and Promotion, said Rockport is the only Texas town in the USA Today10Best category of competition.

“I am very pleased to be ranked third in this category,” said Jumper.

Jumper, who was responsible for leading the voting process, said he was overjoyed at the amount of support the town managed to gain.

“We wanted to be in the top spot, but we’re happy to be back in the top five across the country. Through consistent support from visitors, the community, Coastal Bend, and Texas, this honor. I received it. “

Rockport is known for its large number of tourists during spring break and summer. Rockport-Diane Probst, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Fulton Chamber of Commerce, said he was grateful to the tourists who were able to bring national praise to the town.

“These awards and praises prove that tourism is one of the drivers of the local economy,” said Probst.

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USA Today names Rockport #3 in the U.S. Source link USA Today names Rockport #3 in the U.S.

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