USC suspends Sigma Nu Fraternity after alleged drug-facilitated sexual assaults – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2021-10-23 12:16:40 –

Los Angeles – University of Southern California In Los Angeles, a school official in Los Angeles stopped friendship after reports of alleged sexual assault and “possible drug-induced sexual assault” at his home.

“The university received reports of sexual assault at the Sigma New Friendship Hall,” the school said in a warning posted on the Public Security Bureau’s website Wednesday. “The university was also informed that during a party at the same Yuai Kaikan, the drug was put into a drink and could be sexually assaulted by the drug.”

According to the alert, the university reported the information to the Los Angeles Police Department, urging anyone with “crime-related” information to contact the school’s public security department and police.

A LAPD spokesperson told ABC News Thursday that the agency was aware of the alleged four victims and none of them had contacted police yet. The Los Angeles Police Department began an investigation on Thursday, the agency said.

According to police, the alleged assault occurred at the Fraternity Association on September 25, probably related to the illegal administration of controlled substances through alcoholic beverages. There is no suspicious information at this time.

according to USC Department of Public Safety LogFrom September 27th to October 20th, six different drug cases were reported at Sigma New House. One of those drug cases also included sexual assault. Another drug incident was reported within the same time frame, but the location was not disclosed.

The school said the Sigma Nu Yuaikai has been temporarily suspended and is prohibited from hosting parties, social gatherings and other activities at the home.

Sigma Nu Fraternity across the country said in a statement Thursday that it was “concerned about these serious claims” and aims to work with the USC to investigate.

“Friendship will decide further actions based on the investigation,” the statement said. “SigmaNu Fraternity continues to work appropriately to address all identified fraud issues.”

On Thursday evening, several students gathered outside Sigmanu’s house to help alleged victims.

Some students there said the problem had been going on for weeks.

“This meant the fact that it happened many times over the weeks, and men were confident enough that they could do this for multiple women for weeks in a row-they were in trouble. Don’t get caught, it’s okay, it says everything about the safety that men feel hurt women, “says student Sophie Beitel. Talked to our sister station KABC..

By Friday morning, Fratanity’s homes were covered with graffiti and signs of protest accusing them of believing that they were a toxic part of sexual assault and Greek life culture.

“It’s a message to people that this is important, and I hope people will come and read the signs and see frustration and anger,” said Claire Smardon, a sophomore at USC. Told. “I hope it means something.”

“I definitely need to talk more and take more action,” said student Shelby Woodard. “I think this is definitely just the beginning.”

KABC contributed to this report.

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USC suspends Sigma Nu Fraternity after alleged drug-facilitated sexual assaults Source link USC suspends Sigma Nu Fraternity after alleged drug-facilitated sexual assaults

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