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Use these driving tips to survive the pain at the gas pump! – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Colorado Springs — If you’re planning a trip this summer, experts say you’re ready to feel pain in your pump, or at least your wallet. The average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States is the first since 2014. Over $ 3.

News5 spoke Amco Bruce Chidsey, Vice President and Certified Automotive Engineer, talks about how to make fuel last longer.

Chidsey says driving is the number one cause of wasting gasoline. If you drive aggressively while pressing the accelerator pedal or brake pedal hard, you may waste gas. Driving on the freeway in this way wastes as much as 30% on fuel economy. Also, increasing speed can waste 7-14% of additional fuel.

Check tires before driving! If the air pressure is low or insufficient, the car will have to work hard when driving and gas will be wasted. Be sure to remove any heavy items in your car, backseat, or trunk. This can reduce the weight of the car. The same applies to roof carriers and luggage carriers.

Chidsey says it’s also important to fill up at the right time.

“If you can avoid it, I’ll teach you not to go below the 1/4 tank,” Chidsey explained. “Don’t let the lights come on when you have 50 miles left, as the fuel pump can overheat and actually shorten the life of the fuel pump.”

Ride sharing is also an option. Carpool with friends and combination of errands are also possible. Downloading apps that help save gas is also a wise choice.

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Use these driving tips to survive the pain at the gas pump! Source link Use these driving tips to survive the pain at the gas pump!

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