Use these top-class tools to remove dust and debris from your garage

Black and Decker

Whether you’re looking to do spring or autumn cleaning, you need the right tools. No, that shabby old straw broom isn’t going to cut it-it’s time to upgrade. There are plenty of tools out there to help reduce that cleaning time to a 20 minute job anytime from the whole Saturday.

Depending on what you’re trying to dismiss from your garage, one of these new tools could be the answer. Are there dead leaves in the corner? Blow them away. Rafter spider web? Try a very long broom. Oil left over from the leaked oil pan? The new squeegee is a great last step in its cleaning process. Command the garage again and snuff.

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Microfiber duster with extendable pole

This duster is perfect for cleaning windows, toolboxes and the top of old garage refrigerators. The microfiber head grabs and holds dust, and the handle can be extended up to 100 inches for excellent reachability.

Dustpan and broom set

The dustpan and broom set is ideal for small mess and dirt on the edges. It’s not flashy, the broom is designed to handle concrete. As a bonus, the dustpan is made of sturdy plastic and features a hands-free dump system.

Expandable broom

If you need a more reachable broom, try this expandable sweeper. The aluminum telescopic handle can be adjusted in the range of 32 to 53 inches. Great for knocking spider webs from rafters or sweeping without bending.

Push to center broom

If you are trying to move a significant amount of dirt, a push broom is best. I like this Rubbermaid, which features a neat push-to-center brush design. The steel handle and reinforced support yoke help withstand repeated use.

Curved squeegee

If you’ve just washed the garage floor, it’s time to get rid of that water. This squeegee features a curved head that helps keep water in front of you without spilling on the sides. The large blade is 24 inches wide, which helps speed up your work.

Sponge mop

If you need to scrub the garage floor a bit, try this garage grade sponge mop. Comes with a brush, squeegee and two additional sponges. Your garage will quickly sparkle and clean.

12 gallon wet / dry shop vacuum

This cool blue shop VAC from Vacmaster all works. The bottom of the 12-gallon tank has a convenient drain that makes it easy to empty the inhaled liquid. The removable blower provides 210 mph of wind power to remove light debris from outdoor natural habitats.

Black & Decker Cordless Blower

If sweeping and scrubbing sounds like a daunting task, try using this Black & Decker kit to get rid of dirt. The blower uses a 20V battery and can generate an airspeed of 130mph.

Oil dry

Use this if there is an oil leak in the garage. Like Kitty’s toilet, Oil-Dri absorbs water. Pour some on top of the mess and leave it for a day or two for best results. It is advisable to stir the spills regularly for maximum absorption. Also, be sure to wear a mask when using it, as dust can be harmful to inhalation.

Oil Eater Cleaner / Solvent Degreasing Agent

Once the oil is clean, use this professional oil cleaner to remove dirt. Non-toxic degreasing agents lift oil particles from concrete. Dilute with water to adjust the strength.

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Use these top-class tools to remove dust and debris from your garage

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