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Tampa Bay, Florida (CW44 News At 10) – Researchers at the University of South Florida are sharing new findings from a state-wide presidential election survey. USF tells CW44 News At 10 o’clock, the survey measures attitudes and opinions as it approaches the general election.

CW44 News As a teenager, Andrea Alvarez spoke with USF educators on Tuesday. His team of researchers is digging deeper into predicting election outcomes and what shapes your opinion before voting. Some of us are studying. Some of us are focused on ethics. And some of us are just ready for change. Whatever the purpose of the 2020 vote, a team of USF researchers is tracking it. Joshua Scacco, an associate professor of political communications at the USF, said: “We have found that elections can change not only the very important ways people vote, but also the way people worry and worry about the state of government. The state of democracy in the United States. “

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In a joint study between the University of South Florida’s Faculty of Public Policy and the Faculty of Communication, researchers have just announced their results. [download complete pdf survey report here] From a state-wide survey that measures our attitudes and opinions about the 2020 presidential election and the current political situation. “We’ve matched the demographics of a sample of 600 people who responded to this survey, by age, gender, race, ethnicity, geography, etc.,” says Scacco.

But instead of a predictive poll focused on what the outcome of the election day will be, Scacco said his research team was much more interested in our deeper attitudes and opinions being formed. I say I had it. “The purpose of this study was to dig a little deeper to see what other attitudes might be affected,” Scacco said in the study. Has been identified. Between the economy and the coronavirus pandemic. Third comes health care, which is consistent with other research studies found not only in Florida but across the country. “

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In this study, 600 residents in Florida were surveyed via an online web panel using ProdegeMR, an industry-leading market research provider. The survey was conducted from October 10, 2020 to October 17, 2020, and the results are reported with a 95% confidence level and a +/- 4 tolerance. Survey respondents were selected by a stratified quota sampling approach to secure a representative sample of Florida’s population. Gender, age, race, and ethnicity assignments were calculated based on population estimates provided by the Bureau of Economics and Business Studies (BEBR) and the United States Census Bureau.

According to one survey, 45% of respondents believe that the outcome of the presidential election will have a significant impact on their household budget. “Elections shape more than attitudes towards candidates. Elections relate to how we relate to democracy, how we relate to government, and how we relate to the people who represent us. I will shape what I do in various ways. ”

USF 2020 Presidential Election Survey Results

Floridian sees 2020 as a “very important” election. Almost 90% of the Floridians surveyed say that 2020 is “very important” “compared to recent presidential elections.” This sentiment is equally shared by both Republicans and Democrats.

The presidential election is an important source of stress and worry. Over 80% agree that they are “worried about the outcome of the 2020 presidential election,” and 56% say the election is “a source of considerable stress” for them. Republicans and Democrats report about the same level of election-related stress.

COVID-19 and the economy are at the top of the list of important issues. More than half of Floridians identified either “employment and economy” (28%) or “COVID-19 pandemic” (26%) as the most important factor in “choice when voting for the president” .. “Healthcare” (16%) was the only other issue identified by more than 10% of respondents. Republicans were significantly more likely to identify “work and economy” as the most important issue (46%), and Democrats were more likely to say the COVID-19 pandemic (35%).

Elections are expected to have a significant impact. Several respondents (45%) believe that households are “significantly affected by the outcome of the presidential election,” but nearly two-thirds (64%) say the same about the COVID-19 pandemic. .. Democrats are more likely than Republicans to believe that the outcome will affect the COVID-19 pandemic, but the majority of both parties believe it will affect it (75% and 53%, respectively).

A big move towards absentee ballot. Multiple respondents (43%) said they would vote “by mail or absentee ballot,” and one-third (34%) said they would “vote directly on election day.” (For comparison, according to data from the Secretary of State of Florida, only 28.7% of voters in the general election voted by mail in 2016.) Others plan to vote “directly at the early voting site.” Masu (23%). Based on the answers, Democrats are much more likely to vote by mail / absentee ballot, and Republicans are much more likely to vote directly on election day.

Serious concern about foreign interference. Two-thirds of respondents were “extremely concerned” (27%) or “somewhat concerned” (40%) about the possibility of “foreign governments interfering with the 2020 presidential election.” Said it was one.

Some small concerns about fairness. The majority of Floridians say that the 2020 elections will be fair, at least “somewhat confident” (49%), but only 23% say they are “very confident”. And it’s just under one-third (29%). It was either “not very confident” or “not confident at all”.

Professor Scacco is 10 years old at CW44 News and plans to include post-election students in the survey results to study statistics and more based on the 2020 elections. For this developing story, stay at CW44 News At 10.

As an election reminder, the deadline for requesting a vote by mail is Saturday, October 24, 2020. The county election manager must receive the completed ballot by 7 pm on election day.

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