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The biggest question that homeowners face when remodeling a bathroom over $ 15,000 is “is they happy with the new bathroom?”

The answer is mainly based on the design of the bathroom. Finding a reputable contractor who can do the job takes effort — but it’s feasible. The real challenge in creating a beautiful space is to match the design concept with your personal taste. Enter a professional designer. However, even in a small bathroom, the service usually costs thousands of dollars.

until now.

Local bathroom remodeling startup Remodeling mate Introduced a technology-based service for $ 650 that allows homeowners to pair with professional designers. This is a fraction of the traditional cost.

It starts with a link sent to the homeowner’s smartphone, allowing you to quickly scan an existing bathroom. This app takes thousands of photos and measurements and creates a 3D model of the space.

Designers refer to homeowner-inspired images, use photorealistic rendering technology to apply initial designs to 3D models, and refine them until the final image matches the homeowner’s vision.

Homeowners will have a magazine-worthy design that suits their style, such as a virtual photo of the completed bathroom, before the materials are ordered or construction begins.

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Using Technology to Create Designer Bathrooms Source link Using Technology to Create Designer Bathrooms

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