USM moves to dismiss lawsuit filed against them by Michelle Obama’s brother and sister-in-law – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2022-05-19 18:30:02 –

Milwaukee University dismisses proceedings filed against Michelle Obama’s brother Craig Robinson and his wife Kelly Robinson after accusing them of being racially insensitive and inclusive. I applied for that. Robinson argues that he “wants to win in a public opinion court where legal rules, facts and evidence are of little importance, not in court.”

The USM believes the proceeding should be dismissed “because it did not make a claim that could provide relief,” according to a court document filed Thursday. According to the document, USM believes that it must be done in the best interests of the school, so “the contractual right to refuse re-registration of Robinson’s children in the 2021-202 academic year. I exercised it. ”

“We have analyzed the allegations made by Robinson and decided to file a motion to dismiss because we believe they have no merit,” USM lawyer Linsey Davis told WTMJ.

Robinson filed a proceeding against the school after children aged 11 and 9 were banished despite being “model” students. The USM used racial stereotypes for assignments and claimed to be insensitive to color students.

“It opened the window to the classroom, and what we saw was the repeated use of racial and ethnic stereotypes in actual assignments, the neglect of children physically not in the classroom, and society. It was insensitive to economic status, “Craig told TMJ4.

Davis revealed that race was not involved in USM’s decision to refuse Robinson’s re-enrollment in school.

“The decision is based on the conclusion that the Robinsons are not, and never satisfied with, the education offered at USM, hundreds of pages of emails, text messages to teachers’ personal mobile phones, Dozens or dozens of phone calls, “said Davis. “And despite all USM’s efforts to address Robinson’s concerns and repair the relationship, it’s clear that it won’t happen, and it’s a very destructive situation that isn’t in the best interests of the school. became.”

Davis said the decision to expel Robinson’s children was unusual and “very rare.”

“In the decade I have represented USM, there was only one case where my family was not invited to return to school based on their parents’ behavior,” Davis said.

Court documents claim Robinson’s abbreviated information about Robinson’s own actions throughout the school year.

“Mrs. Robinson began regularly attending her eldest son’s virtual class to observe and criticize his teacher during the pandemic,” the legal document claims.

The document maintains that USM is working with Robinson to solve the problem the couple presented to the school.

“USM teachers and managers work with them for hours each week to address concerns, and USM has invested significant resources to help Robinson regain a healthy relationship with the school,” Filing claims. are doing

The proceeding should be dismissed because of the belief that “plaintiffs could not identify a viable breach of contract,” according to the documents submitted.

“A registration agreement allows USM to do exactly what USM has done. That is, if a university school official determines that registration is not in the school’s best interests for any reason, it will register or re-register. You can either refuse or dismiss the student, “the court document claims. ..

“And they can’t maintain the promissory note count because they admit that Robinson has signed a compulsory contract with USM,” the court documents continued.

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