USPS employee who claimed mail-in ballot tampering recants allegations, officials say – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2020-11-11 05:31:17 –

Ellie, Pennsylvania (WBTW) — a US Postal Service worker who claimed to tamper with absentee ballots by mail in Pennsylvania — Senator Lindsay Graham sought an investigation — he claimed on Monday, according to the House Oversight Committee. Was withdrawn.

A USPS employee identified as Richard Hopkins has signed an affidavit alleging ballot tampering and fraud. In the affidavit, postal workers alleged that postal supervisors had hatched plans to trace ballots mailed after the election.

The supervisory board said Hopkins, interviewed by investigators on Friday and Monday, withdrew the allegations without saying why he signed a false affidavit. It is uncertain whether Hopkins will be charged with perjury.

Hopkins said that shortly after the Observatory tweet, Project Veritas, a conservative website that researchers said they used “misleading or inaccurate information” to create a disinformation campaign about the U.S. presidential election. We have released a video denying that we have resigned.

On Tuesday night, Twitter marked a tweet from Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe that the update was “controversial.”

Hopkins made his first claim in a Project Veritas video last Wednesday to USPS officials in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Over the weekend, Erie’s postmaster, Robert Weisenbach, Erie’s postmaster, accused Hopkins of being “100% wrong.”

The press,, reports that Weisenbach wrote on Facebook: Allegations made against me and the Erie Post Office are 100% false by employees who have been disciplined many times recently. “

Lindsey Graham received a copy of Hopkin’s affidavit and asked to investigate the matter.

Graham’s statement was partially read:

“I call on the Justice Department to investigate these allegations. I will also contact the Postmaster General to investigate these allegations and any subsequent allegations and secure Mr. Hopkins’ testimony. Mr. Hopkins is entitled to the protection of all whistleblowers and I also have other postmasters who may raise allegations of fraud, illegal activity, fraud, etc. I guarantee it will reach. “

Lindsey Graham’s office was not responding to requests for comment as of Tuesday night.

Created for Hopkins and raised over $ 100,000, GoFundMe was removed on Tuesday.

The request for comment was not returned by the Inspector General’s USPS officer on Tuesday evening. Attempts to contact Richard Hopkins have failed.

USPS employee who claimed mail-in ballot tampering recants allegations, officials say Source link USPS employee who claimed mail-in ballot tampering recants allegations, officials say

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