USPS honors Wichita mail carrier for 60 years of service – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2021-06-11 19:39:54 –

Wichita, Kansas (KSNW) – US Postal Service (USPS) workers were honored for decades of postal delivery services at the 9350 E Corporate Hills Dr delivery facility on Friday morning.

Allan Cunningham, 81, started working for the United States Postal Service 60 years ago. He says the satisfaction of coming to work is what keeps him moving. “I enjoy it, so I do it,” Cunningham said.

“He’s a true example of a mail carrier and he does his job. I won’t complain from Allan Cunningham,” said Lyon Nopic of the USPS.

On Friday morning, Cunningham was awarded a service award and commemorative coins as a proof of his long career. He took more than 5,000 hours of sick leave and achieved 2 million miles of accident-free driving and counting.

“I have no guidance. I’m just – thank you for being able to do it yet, that’s just me,” Cunningham said.

“He has no plans to retire. He’s still fine and loves to serve his customers every day,” Knopik said.

Every day, an 81-year-old man rides a delivery truck to sort mail to ensure it reaches people’s mailboxes. He says his experience in the army helps him work together.

“You know the physical part of it,” Cunningham said.

“His continued career career helped contribute to his longevity as a career,” Knopik said.

From sticky stamps under test to upgraded delivery trucks, Cunningham has seen many changes in his time as a mail carrier. “Getting used to this GPS is the biggest thing I’ve come across,” Cunningham said.

“He’s a classic example of what we want to see for people who come to our employees and work,” Knopik said.

Cunningham says he wants to get out into the community and deliver emails for years to come.

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USPS honors Wichita mail carrier for 60 years of service Source link USPS honors Wichita mail carrier for 60 years of service

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