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Wichita, KSN—Many people say dogs are men’s best friends.

“I didn’t think of myself as a pet lover or a dog lover. You won’t understand it until they’re missing,” said Mike Nehring, Utah. ..

Tucker is one of his dogs. The 2-year-old puppy is from Utah and makes up a large part of the life of the Nelling family. In April he went missing.

“I was devastated,” said Mike Nehring.

For the Nehring family, Tucker is more than just a pet.

“Our bond is like never before with a pet. He’s sweet,” said Sean Nehring.

Sean has shared a special bond with Garbage Rand since the day he was born. So when Sean moved from Utah to Wellington, Kansas, he brought Tucker.

One day in April, Tucker ran away when the door opened.

“We were looking for him all day, but I basically lost my voice screaming his name and trying to find them,” Sean explained.

After months of searching and trying to stay hopeful, the Nehring family received a call from Life Line Animal Placement. The rescue team found Tucker. When they took him to the vet and shot him, they found him missing.

“I broke down. I started bowling,” said Mike Nehring. “Pure happiness is what went through my head when he was discovered and actually cared for.”

Mike immediately called his son Sean. After receiving the call, Sean rushed to Wichita immediately.

“I was really shy at first, but as I approached him and he started sniffing me,” Sean said.

Tucker then recognized the smell of his best friend. Tucker’s tail shook as he began to jump into the joyous Sean.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was in tears,” Sean said. “Eight months later, he was really happy to recognize me.”

“I realized that it was one of my happiest days of the year and you know how much I love dogs,” Mike said.

The Nehring family is very grateful for the lack of Tucker. Lifeline Animal Placement says it is important to check if they have a tip when taking stray dogs. Their family may be looking for them.

Utah dog reunited with family after 8 months missing Source link Utah dog reunited with family after 8 months missing

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