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Tampa (WFLA) – 1 month ago Gabby Petit Utah police were officially reported to have been called in to investigate an incident involving a 22-year-old Northport woman and her fiancé, Brian Laundry, according to Moab police reports.

According to a case report obtained by WFLA, Moab police officers were called to the co-operative on August 12 to report “domestic problems” after witnesses witnessed the couple involved in the controversy. Police say they talked to Petit and the laundromat.

Police say Petite didn’t want to leave Laundry and started slapping him. As a result, Laundry grabbed her face, pushed her back, and locked her out of the car.

The case report said, “No one reported that a man attacked a woman. Both men and women said they were in love and engaged in marriage and did not want to see anyone charged with the crime. I desperately reported it. ” However, police reported that they collided with each other during the incident, based on the couple’s testimony.

According to another report on the incident from another police officer on the scene, Laundry traveled with the police officer for four to five months, saying, “At that time, emotional tensions arose and discussions between them. The number has increased. “

The report states that Petite is visibly upset, suffering from her mental health due to ongoing discussions with the laundromat, and suffering from the state edited by the police in the report. He added that he told the officers. Laundry also told police that she was suffering from the same mental health conditions as Petit, but said her condition was “more advanced” than her condition.

After assessing the situation, police officers wrote in a report, “I didn’t think the situation had expanded to the level of domestic violence as much as the level of the mental health crisis.” Police reportedly helped separate the couple in the evening, Petit kept the van, and Laundry was taken to secure a hotel room at night.

Petito posted two Instagram posts on August 12, the day of the reported incident, showing a couple in Arches National Park in Grand County, Utah. In the photo, Delicate arch, couple kissing under rock formations.. Petito didn’t post to Instagram until August 19th, a week after being pulled by police near Arches National Park.

22 years old officially Reported missing on September 11 The couple was traveling after Laundry returned to Northport alone with a van. Laundry hires a lawyer, Petito’s family accused of refusing to provide information Useful for searching.

Laundry Nominate the people involved in the case Wednesday morning.

Utah police investigated fight between 22-year-old, fiancé month before she went missing Source link Utah police investigated fight between 22-year-old, fiancé month before she went missing

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