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Anaheim Transportation Network

Location:Anaheim, California

job title:Utility service technician

Occupation:Full time (40 hours a week)

salary:$ 15.50 to $ 19.00 per hour

Job Description:

Under direct supervision, utility service technicians are responsible for maintaining service operations by servicing, cleaning, inspecting, and servicing Anaheim Transportation Network (ATN) vehicles, equipment, facilities, and work areas. there is.

Duties include:

  • Perform vehicle services, including charging / refueling, refill liquids and properly record all materials used
  • Driving, maneuvering, and parking vehicles for maintenance and maintenance purposes
  • Clean the interior of all vehicles, including windows, and explain in detail.Remove sweeps, mops and graffiti, keep the area clean, disinfect and prepare for service operations
  • Identify and properly document the damage and contact the appropriate person in case of unreported damage
  • Drive vehicles between facilities and assist in changing buses as needed
  • Clean and refine vehicles, facilities, and work areas according to all established cleaning and hygiene procedures
  • Assist in the movement of furniture and equipment in preparation for company events, activities and special projects
  • Monitor and ensure that all inboard inventory is in stock, up-to-date and replenished as needed
  • Add and remove decals
  • Helps maintain inventory using computer systems and applications
  • Supports minor repairs


  • High school diploma or equivalent is preferred
  • Ability to read, write, speak and understand enough English to perform essential tasks
  • Must have a California driver’s license (at least 2 years with a CA driver’s license) and be at least 21 years old who can upgrade to a Class B driver’s license with passenger approval and air brakes
  • I currently have a valid Class B driver’s license with passenger approval and air brake certification, and there are no restrictions.

How to apply: 

Interested candidates can apply online.Link to apply: 

Utility Service Technician – Anaheim, CA Source link Utility Service Technician – Anaheim, CA

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