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Often mentorship Have got Reputation to be one– –There is an aspect, but graduate student Conner Bender (BCS) 19) and TU graduate John Hudson (BSBA ’87), Both found a wealth of rewards By being part of Newly released utulsa connection Mentorship program.. Leslie BlancheNS (BSBA’06), Alumni Engagement Director, Closely cooperate with 12 branches and 22 clubs within the TU Alumni Network utulsa connection. “When you graduate from the University of Tulsa, your relationship never ends,” Blanchett said.

NSLanchet and her team work directly with T’s board of directors.U NSlumni NSAssociation Engage with graduates and provide a welcome mat to everyone to promote student successone Who wants Remain It is connected to the TU. utulsa connection These are the major initiatives that have led to that goal.

utulsa The connection is new Spurred the program NS Strategic planning It was set in 2017. utulsa connection It’s for all students who want their alumni mentors to have one. “We hope that students will be able to build and build relationships that strengthen their ability to succeed after graduation. — — Before they receive their diploma, “Branchette said. These mEntership fosters relationships and skills to promote Overall Professional development.

MeNS February 2019, utulsa The connection started with a soft launch For future alumni leadership and student associations o oorientation lEders, University Ambassadors and other student leaders on campus.. After that, board members were brought in from the graduates. There was about 40 start Participants doing beta testing NS program And in June 2019, utulsa Connect officially launched To alumni.. Men august, NSHis program has officially starteded To studentsNS When Immediate Inflow participant..

NShe Vision teeth for utulsa connection To be accepted by Expansion of All areas of the campus. The Alumni Engagement Office works with Student Success Centers and Career Development Centers to share messages with students and other departments. “”utulsa Connection is an amazing resource Promotion Overall student success. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to offer this to graduates and students, “Branchette said.

Alumni John Hudson

From beta test Best time with utulsa connection

vendor And Hudson were part of the first launch of mentees and mentors.. HudsonLives in the Kansas City area, Chaired the Alumni Career Networking Committee Said the idea utulsa Connected Under development for many Year.. vendor, Current, Cyber ​​Corps Program, Asked for Hudson NS Meanwhile mentor Of their similar career goals. Hudson He works for an IT consulting firm in Boston and leads several different areas of the company., Mainly focused on managementNS Security and cloud services for the entire enterprise We

“”utulsa Connect wasn’t really found in handshakes or job fairs, but it actually opened my eyes to a relationship talking to alum in your field. — — It’s a whole new vector, “said the vendor. Like many graduates, Hudson is not based in Tulsa, so the two talk on the phone or meet during the annual graduation event.

On the mentor side, Hudson understood using the first conversation what Vendor expectations and what he was I wanted From mentorship. “Mentoring can mean different for different people and for some. Menty I just want a soundboard specific another person To pursue A deeper, longer type of relationship, “Hudson said. Hudson initial communication With the vendor It was about listening, easy access, and familiarity.

Lab Connor Vendor

Hudson says The whole process is connected he Return to college in a unique way. “”I feel like I’m here NSelping enhances the overall experience at TU and lifts others.. NSeing I am very happy to be able to convey my experience, Actually, “Hudson said. he Is also fast addition Interviewing graduates from different disciplines is the best way to find out what’s interesting, even if students aren’t sure about their major or career path. three that is Alumni wi th Experience in almost all areas NSOther networking tools Convenient, Hudson says, Worth both mentees and mentors Side of utulsa connection: that It means that both parties are playing an active role in the process.

utulsa connection Offer NS different How to extend the TU spirit beyond Tulsa. Hudson explained: “”NSeing What can connect us all to the institutions we love Really important..Not just mentoring; It is to give back and connect to the university that shaped us. utulsa connect is just one of the tools that helps bring together a larger TU community...“”

Graduates or graduates interested in participating Who wants For more information, please visit TUalumni.com/mentoring.

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