Uvalde gunman showed issues that normally warn authorities – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2022-06-22 23:37:05 –

A special state Senate committee to protect all Texas people focused on what the city of Yuvarde lacked in mental health services and overlooked warnings about shooters.

“Our HRI has provided assistance to local mental health authorities with significant vacancies,” said Dr. David Lakey, Deputy Prime Minister and Chief Health Officer for the University of Texas System. ..

“We know young people with problems — we know 90% of them,” said Senator Royce Colhorst (R) TX. “We know where they are and who they are. We also pay attention to stigma and things, but sometimes people just need help when working on mental health. Masu … There was an indicator here. Animal cruelty. ”

Yuvarde was already short of mental health professionals. More than 25% of counties are uninsured, according to US census data.

The state-wide governor saved more than $ 211 million from the state’s health and welfare department, which oversees local mental health authorities, and used the money to deploy his border security programs and National Guard.

The Governor’s Office told Newsy that he had directed billions in the way of mental health.

Testimony about the tragedy showed that the suspect had checked all the boxes that normally warn the authorities — reports of animal cruelty, school refusal, and social issues.

Experts explained the dire needs of Yuvalde.

“It’s a vacancy situation, they’re trying to deal with a significant vacancy, and they themselves were victims. Local mental health authorities are just one block from the school.”

The elected officials are listening.

“When the kid started having problems in third grade, someone would have introduced him at that point and gave him the counseling and support he needed,” Dr. Lakey said.

However, gun control activists reappeared, deciding on a theater effort, and said the governor and lawmakers had to do more than hold a hearing.

“There is a solution backed by evidence to reduce gun violence, and instead he refuses to do it,” said Molly Bursey of MomsDemand Action. “Instead, he weakens our already loose gun control by doing things like passing an unauthorized carry.”

A bipartisan group of 13 mayors from all over Texas is calling on Governor Greg Abbott to convene a special session to address the topic of gun control and mental health.

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Uvalde gunman showed issues that normally warn authorities Source link Uvalde gunman showed issues that normally warn authorities

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