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Uvalde, Texas (AP) — Blame for Unbearable delay Killing a shooter at an elementary school in Texas — Outside parents begged the police Hurry up and panic Children called 911 From the inside — placed with the school district’s local police chief.

It left a resident The small town of Yuvarde After the director of the state police said the commander of the scene — Pete Aledondo — he had a hard time reconciling what they knew about the popular local lawyer. Made the “wrong decision” Don’t break the Robb Elementary School classroom right away, believing that the shooters have been barricaded inside and the kids aren’t at risk.

Stephen McLaugh, head of the Texas Department of Public Safety, said at a press conference on Friday. Gunman Upon entering the building, the policeman waited for over an hour and broke through the classroom. 19 children and 2 teachers I was killed in a shooting.

Aledondo, who grew up in Yuvarde and graduated from high school here, was scheduled to swear to his new location in the city council on Tuesday after being elected earlier this month. The 50-year-old boy spent much of his nearly 30-year career at law enforcement in Yuvarde and returned to 2020 to become the district’s police chief.

When Aledondo was a boy, Maria Gonzalez took him and her children to the same school where the shooting took place. “He was a good boy,” she said.

“He dropped the ball, probably because he didn’t have enough experience. Do you know? People are very angry,” Gonzales said.

Another woman in the neighborhood where Aledondo grew up began sobbing when asked about him. The woman who didn’t want to give her a name said she wasn’t injured when one of her granddaughters was in school during the shooting.

Juan Torres, a U.S. Army veteran who was clearly upset by reports of the reaction, said he had known Aledondo since high school.

“You sign up to handle such a situation,” Torres said. “If you’re scared, don’t be a police officer. Go to Flip Burger.”

After being elected to the city council, Aledondo Uvalde Reader-News Earlier this month, he said, “I was steadily ready to do it.”

“I have a lot of ideas and certainly a lot of motivation,” he said, ensuring that the city is not only financially responsible, but also street repair and beautification projects. I added that I would like to focus on.

In the pre-election candidate forum, Aledondo said: Everything has a solution. The solution begins with communication. Communication is the key. “

McLough said on Friday that city police officers entered through the same door minutes after the shooters entered school. In more than an hour, law enforcement agencies from multiple agencies arrived at the scene. Finally, officials said the US Border Guard tactical team used the caretaker’s key to unlock the classroom door and kill the shooter.

McLaugh said students and teachers repeatedly sought help from 911 operators, but Aledondo told more than 12 police officers to wait in the hallway.That directive — this is the opposite Established active shooter protocol — Asked questions about whether more lives were lost because officers did not act faster.

Two law enforcement officers said when the shooters fired at the students, law enforcement officers from other agencies urged Arredondo to move them in because the children were at risk. .. Investigation.

Arredondo began his career in law enforcement at the Uvalde police station. After spending 16 years there, according to a 2020 article, he went to Laredo, a border city located 130 miles (209 km) south, where he worked at the Webb County Sheriff’s Office and then in his local school district. I worked. Uvalde Reader-News When I returned to my hometown to take up the post of school district police chief.

Ray Garner, the chief of police in the district of Laredo, where Aledondo worked, said: San Antonio Express-News In a story published after the shooting of Yuvarde, when Aledondo was working in the Laredo district, he was worried about the students as “easy to talk”.

“He was a good officer here,” Garner told the newspaper. .. “Here we have a lot of training on active shooter scenarios and he was involved in them.”

Arredondo, who spoke only a bit at two short press conferences on the day of the shooting, appeared behind state officials speaking at the next two-day press conference, but did not attend McCraw’s Friday press conference. rice field.

After the press conference, media members gathered at Aledondo’s house, where police cruisers took posts. At one point, a man who answered the door of Aledondo’s house told an Associated Press reporter that Aledondo was “lethargic.”

“The truth will be revealed,” said the man before closing the door.

Senator Roland Gutierrez, a Democrat in the district, including Yuvalde, said he was asking a lot of questions about CNN’s “Allied Powers” after “too many things went wrong.”

One family said the first responder said the child whose back was shot may have bleeding, he said. “So, absolutely, these mistakes may have led to the deaths of these children,” Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez said the question of which law enforcement agency was or should have been in control of operations is his “serious” concern, but McLough also “puts it in a local (school district) police officer.” Is not fair, “he said.

“After all, everyone failed here,” Gutierrez said.

Uvalde residents angry at school district’s police chief Source link Uvalde residents angry at school district’s police chief

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