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UW Madison has a vaccination rate above 90% – Kansas City, Missouri

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Madison, Wisconsin. — It is relatively normal to be vaccinated on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Sam Cucuta, a senior at the university, said:

Students do not need to be vaccinated on campus. This may have been a problem for Kuchta.

“This past summer, the summer of 2020, I received chemotherapy for Hodgkin lymphoma,” he said.

Cuctagan is in remission and his doctor says he is less immune than others. Still, he wasn’t always comfortable on campus if people continued to get vaccinated.

“After treatment, there are some parts of my body that are a little more susceptible to illness. It’s definitely something to watch out for, as things like my lungs were a particularly big hit,” Kuchta said. ..

Almost all of his classmates are vaccinated, even though the university has no obligations.

“Currently, 94% of our employees are fully vaccinated and 93% of our students are fully vaccinated,” said Jake Vagot, director of health services on campus. His department has a number of responsibilities, in part.

“We use different ways to convey this. Some of them were direct messaging and email and messages. We spent a lot of time in town halls and other forums. There, I was able to talk to people in the best possible way, personally, “says Baggot.

According to Vagot, schools require unvaccinated students to undergo a weekly COVID test, which can lead to some people being shot.

But overall, he believes that communication is the key to a successful vaccination effort.

“When you meet an unvaccinated person, if you are vaccinated, help them understand why they were vaccinated and what the difference was in your life, they are the same. We try to help you understand why you want to make a decision, “said Vagot. ..

Many students were surprised when the school decided to oppose the mandate.

“At first, I really wanted to be back on campus,” said Gina Nerone, a law student.

Kevin Chukel, senior at UW Madison, said:

“When we compared the numbers we were achieving with the schools with requirements, we were able to get real, if not all, similar numbers,” says Nerone.

“By the end of the first week of this year’s class, I think our vaccine share was over 90%,” Chukel said.

Those students say that high vaccination rates are evidence that they are attentive to each other.

“Make sure people are safe and don’t put people at high risk, weakened immunity, or in high-risk categories. Put them less stressed and make sure they’re safe. Please, “said Kukta.

UW Madison has a vaccination rate above 90% Source link UW Madison has a vaccination rate above 90%

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