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VA is the first federal agency to issue vaccine obligations to healthcare professionals

Washington — The Department of Veterans Affairs has 115,000 of the frontline health care workers Vaccination The first federal agency to fight the coronavirus in the next two months Delegation Government officials said on Monday that employees would be vaccinated.

This move is due to growing concern that a significant portion of the population was not. Vaccination Contributes to the rapid spread of highly contagious substances Delta variant.. It was a sharp departure from the Biden administration’s hesitation in accepting orders, which New York City, many hospital chains, and some private employers said. Vaccination Requirements.

“We’re doing this because it’s the best way to safely and completely stop veterans,” Veterans Secretary Denis McDonough said in a telephone interview Monday. This sector is one of the largest employers of the federal government and the largest integrative medicine system in the country.

McDonough said the obligation applies to “most patient-facing” workers, including doctors, dentists, registered nurses, doctor assistants and some specialists. Starting Wednesday, he said, it will take eight weeks for these healthcare workers to be fully vaccinated or face penalties, including the possibility of removal.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki reiterated the Biden administration on Monday, saying the president “recognizes that not all communities have the right voice on the benefits of vaccination.” Stated. However, the decision in this sector has increased consensus among private sector employers, medical centers, state and local governments to test legitimate waters on vaccine requirements due to the proliferation of incidents across the country. It reflects.

On Monday in New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio said that all local government workers Coronavirus vaccination required By the time the school reopens in September or faces weekly tests. The state of California has announced similar measures enacted by August 23 to all state employees and public and private health care workers in the field.

President Biden was able to legally request vaccinations from members of the army, but so far he has refused to exercise his power. Military personnel Refuse vaccination among some service membersSaid their hands were tied until the vaccine was officially approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

McDonough said he had informed the White House of his decision.

Numerous hospitals and medical systems Forced employees to get vaccinated, And recent court rulings uphold the employer’s right to demand vaccination. June, Federal Judge of Texas Dismissed proceedings filed by an employee of the Houston Methodist Hospital Those who disagree with the hospital’s coronavirus vaccination requirements.

Over the last few weeks, there has been an outbreak of coronavirus among staff at the Veterans Medical Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. Baltimore; Orlando, Florida; In Chicago, there is a shortage of staff and in some cases the department is forced to take urgent action.

Approximately 70% of workers in the department’s medical center are fully vaccinated. This is above the national average, but not enough to satisfy the authorities given the risk of sick and sick veterans in old age. “Our clinicians claim we need more,” McDonough said.

He has repeatedly expressed fear over the last few weeks that low-vaccination centers are endangering the health of veterans seeking care. He said he was unsure if the veterans were ill by workers in the medical center. to date, 146 sector workers When 12,679 veteransHe died of coronavirus-related complications, including 4,237 inpatients.

Like many state and local governments, the ministry recently signed a contract with an employee union to provide workers with four hours of paid leave if proved to be fully vaccinated. “It was a meaningful step,” McDonough said. “But I think I’ve been given again what we see as related to the disease trendline. This is the next meaningful step.”

Other countries are generally considering obligations to increase vaccine acceptance.In France, parliament approved the law this week You need a “health pass” to show evidence of complete vaccinationWith recent negative tests or recent Covid-19 recovery, it is used for long-distance trips, entering restaurants and bars.

Greece mandated all hospital workers vaccinated in mid-July, banning access to unvaccinated indoor restaurants, bars and cinemas. Spur the opposition movement..Italy too Advance With Vaccine obligation..

Veterans Affairs workers can sue for vaccine obligations for medical or religious reasons, take due process, and others may resist. “I don’t know what to expect here,” McDonough said. “What I know is that this is basically the most important step we should take in terms of increasing the safety of veteran patients.”

VA is the first federal agency to issue vaccine obligations to healthcare professionals

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