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Recently, the Honolulu City Council has adopted the idea of ​​imposing different tax rates on vacant homes.

Ideas are included in Bill 76 (2020), The bill, which was launched last year, was referred to the Council Budget Committee. Delayed After several hearings by the Commission in November 2020, only a few civilians attended.

now, KHON2 reports There is new momentum in the bill after some discussions by the city’s property tax advisory board. “The idea is to have people who have vacant homes rent or sell their homes, and preferably sell them to other locals,” said Honolulu City Council Chairman Tommy Waters.

The concept of vacant house tax is not new. State legislators tried to attach the idea to the transportation tax, but the bill to do so was SB 2216 (2020)I passed the Senate, but ran into a brick wall in my house.

Of course, the devil can be in the details. How do bureaucrats sitting in the property tax office know if real estate is available? Maybe authorities can pull some data from water and utilities and send the suggested ratings when the numbers are low. Maybe staff can get ideas from the TV show by sticking a business card on the front door and going back a few days to see if the card is still there.

And if the tax office concludes that the property is vacant and subject to the new tax, how does the property owner who actually lived in the property prove that fact? Listen to a conversation with a typical (?) Real Estate Owner.

Look at Doggie: I lived in the house.

Tax Authority: Prove it.

W: I barked at my neighbors.

T: Where can I find the document?

W: A neighbor called the police, so I need a police report.

T: Do you have a copy?

W: No …

T: Pfft. What other “evidence” do you have?

W: This is my electricity bill. Isn’t it expensive as a vacant property?

T: You forgot to turn off the refrigerator. Nothing is displayed. Next!

W: This is the state ID card with my address on it.

T: I got that ID 6 years ago. However, even if you got it yesterday, it does not mean that you actually live there. Next!

W: I have a receipt from a local grocery store.

T: But you may still have lived somewhere. Next!

W: Grrr! I’m going to bite you with snords!

T: Then you will be in Husgow, and there is no doubt that you do not live in the real estate we valued!

Another interesting issue is that the rate of vacant house classification can be determined. This is not new, as pricing is usually set by the Annual Budget Ordinance. But until then, we don’t know how high they are thinking of raising interest rates. KHON2 reported that he was thinking about taxes of 1% to 7%. This corresponds to a rise from the current home price of $ 3.50 per $ 1000 to $ 13.50 per $ 1000 to $ 73.50. This corresponds to an increase of 286% to 2000% from the current rate. Yes!

This is certainly a notable issue in the coming months.



Vacant Homes Tax? | Hawaii Reporter
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