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Port Alansus, Texas — This holiday weekend, RV owners should be aware of the new Port Alansus law. The Port Alansus Police Department said all RVs and motorhomes must be parked perpendicular to the water.

“I understand what they’re doing, but I definitely don’t like it,” said Jake Taylor of San Antonio.

“That wasn’t too bad,” Clint Courtney said, taking a vacation from the Canyon Lake area of ​​Texas.

Taylor came down from San Antonio on most anniversaries and said he wasn’t a fan of change.

“Last year it was crazy, so they seem to be trying to vacate the room, but most of it means that you can open the door and see the ocean,” he said. Now we are putting down chairs to vacate the room and trying to block our space. “

Courtney said he understands the changes, but prefers the old method.

“The only thing is that you can’t see the ocean like you’re lying sideways, and sometimes the sun doesn’t shine too much. It’s shaded from the camper van,” says Courtney.

Lieutenant James Stokes of Port Alansus PD said the decision was made due to the increase in visitors over the years.

“The purpose behind this ordinance is to give beach visitors a little more access to the beach. In the last few years, we have seen more local visitors here and the beach is full. Is trying to make sure everyone has enough space to come and enjoy the beach. “

“We put it sideways, you just get the room. It makes more sense, everyone enjoys it more, and everyone is on top of each other. Not that you get more space, “Taylor said.

Stokes says he doesn’t want to punish those who aren’t compliant at first. Most beach entrances have signs that remind RV owners of the change.

“If we find someone out of compliance, we’re trying to educate them,” Stokes said. “So we contact the owner of the RV, explain the new ordinance, give it a copy, answer any questions they may have about it, and strive to comply with it. increase.

If there is a need and education goes wrong, Stokes said he could fine up to $ 500.

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Vacationers understand but unhappy with Port A RV law Source link Vacationers understand but unhappy with Port A RV law

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