Vaccine obligations under consideration by the automotive industry, UAW

Automakers and the UAW are in trouble with the Biden administration’s announcement that companies will be required to vaccinate their employees. The union had previously stated that it would like to postpone approval or opposition to compulsory vaccination until it discusses things with the industry and its members.under consideration Joe Biden said he would not mandate a vaccine within 10 monthsThe employer is caught wearing trousers around the ankle of the saying.

Automakers have previously investigated white-collar workers to find out what they want to do while raising onsite COVID limits, but difficult decisions are far away and entirely at their discretion. It was operated with the impression that it was. Currently, the Department of Occupational Safety and Health of the Ministry of Labor ensures that all employees with 100 (or more) employees are fully vaccinated or unvaccinated workers. We are planning a new standard that requires employees to give negative test results on a minimum weekly basis.

Employers who fail to comply with the stated requirements may be fined close to $ 14,000 for each breach. According to the White HouseThe penalties for refusing to wear a mask while traveling on an interstate will also be doubled. If you have thousands of employees, these are potentially high rates. Union officials said they were considering the issue without promising more than absolutely necessary — Although the UAW has officially opposed vaccine requirements in the past..

From UAW President Lakery:

“The UAW strongly recommends vaccination of all members and their families, unless there are specific health or religious concerns. This is the best way to protect our members, colleagues and their families. We know that there is.

Find out more about yesterday’s announcement and its impact on members and over 700 employer contracts.

In the meantime, we continue our members’ commitment to practicing safety in all workplaces by disinfecting and reporting viral exposures or symptoms in accordance with protocols that include masks. At the UAW, we all understand that fighting this pandemic and protecting our families is the key to our survival. “

Assuming the union finally decides to approve the vaccine decree, it could disrupt union membership. I rarely oppose vaccination, but I strongly support informed consent. Frankly speaking about this, car workers often confess that they are also against forced vaccination.Many say they will quit their job soon, in line with their recent job Washington post Opinion polls claim that 70 percent of unvaccinated workers simply give up their position If a vaccine obligation is in place. I think Biden’s plans will suddenly lead to a catastrophic shortage of staff in the industry.

Automakers are similarly uncommitted, and manufacturers (Ford, GM, Stellantis, Honda, Toyota, etc.) have stated that they want to encourage staff to vaccinate and comply with all government-issued health protocols. However, they usually avoid working directly on the Biden project and probably show some hesitation. That said, it’s been less than a full day since the vaccine mandate was announced. Their HR and legal departments are probably squeezing because they are pondering what to do and the fallout they can cause.

All the statements that automakers have made so far can be rephrased as “hold … have to think about this”, after which how to believe in vaccination and from relevant health professionals. Followed by a paragraph about wanting to adhere to the recommendations. .. Conversely, little is said about employee rights and preferences.

I’m not going to beat this bush.The overall premise of these obligations Seems insane to me, I’m dealing with an evil person. As an American, I have always thought that the whole nation’s premise is based on the common belief that individual freedom and freedom of choice outweigh everything else. But it doesn’t seem to come down from above anymore. The rhetoric used by Joe Biden is “We have been patiently waiting, but our patience is diminishingHe made a thorough assertion about how unvaccinated people are curbing national unity and progress. He also confusedly stated that vaccinated workers need to be “protected” from unvaccinated workers...

Assuming the vaccine is effective, isn’t it the other way around? What exactly do we protect people from when new strains continue to emerge? Can still spread among vaccinated people, And are the shots we currently have targeting older COVID variants that have lost steam?

The economic and social stress this can put on the industry and the country as a whole is nothing less than a monument. Protests are breaking out all over the world during the summer.. Truck drivers have begun organizing in many countries and refused to deliver to areas that impose strict COVID rules. Exacerbate urban food shortages.. In the United States, the same was true for cities that chose to refund police stations. Now they are starting to talk about strikes that focus on vaccine and mask obligations While they are already experiencing a serious shortage of drivers. Imagine that it spills over into the automotive sector, which is already plagued by semiconductor shortages, their suppliers, and all the other industries you depend on.

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Vaccine obligations under consideration by the automotive industry, UAW

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