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If you are flying to San Francisco-Hawaii, you will need to provide proof that your COVID-19 test is negative. The Commons Project has created a Common Pass, a digital certificate stored on smartphones.

“What we’ve been working on is actually developing a new standard. It’s an open standard, but it’s basically a way to digitize health information, both vaccination records and test results.” Said Paul Meyer, CEO of the Commons Project.

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Paul Meyer is part of the Vaccination Credential Initiative, a corporate and healthcare group working on digital health path guidelines. Currently, at least eight airlines are implementing it, but the idea is to extend this to larger venues.

“Last week, the Miami Heat announced that it was increasing the section to fans who could prove that it had been vaccinated. There were employers, concert venues, festivals and Burning Man contacted me,” Meyer said. Stated.

Starting April 15th, California will allow theater performances and indoor concerts, among other private gatherings. It is the same day that people over the age of 16 can be vaccinated.

video: Do I need a “vaccine passport”?Experts consider the future, such as eating out, boarding planes, etc.

The state requires vaccination testing or proof for some of these events. Requirements to reassure people like Marazul Mayorga.

“Too many people are unmasked, their mouths are uncovered, and they don’t know, which makes me anxious,” said Marazur Mallorga, a resident of the vaccinated Bay Area.

In a statement, the COVID-19 Command Center in San Francisco provided insight into what they were thinking about vaccine passports.

“We are tracking this concept to better understand its benefits and challenges. We will continue to monitor state and CDC guidance that may influence our thinking about such concepts. We are investigating areas where this may be useful, especially where more people gather. “

However, there are some concerns.

“You create separation and people may not have access to things without vaccination,” said Rabbi Mishra, who lives in San Francisco.

Luz: “How do you avoid fraud with these vaccination passports?”

Paul Meyer: He added, “How to digitize the data,” and “basically keep a record of the vaccination and effectively put it in a digital envelope in” A. ” “

Dr. Wasserman is part of the California Vaccine Advisory Board. He doesn’t think he will need a vaccine passport. It’s like a vaccine passport. “

And if you were thinking of laminating vaccination cards, Dr. Wasserman tells you to wait.

“There’s no doubt that you’ll need a booster shot, so I think it’s going to happen, and it’s a matter of someday,” said Dr. Wasserman.

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Vaccine passports: Some airlines are using them, expert says these other large entities may be next Source link Vaccine passports: Some airlines are using them, expert says these other large entities may be next

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