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Arlington, Texas 2021-02-23 15:30:45 –

Arlington County officials say the names of people pre-registered to receive the coronavirus vaccine are still migrating to the new state Immunize Virginia system.

It’s been over a week since Arlington County shut down A pre-registration platform for sending the names of 41,000 people to the Virginia Department of Health’s new state-wide platform.Delays are currently being delayed by some pre-registered individuals Registration status is not displayed.. But that doesn’t mean that pre-registration is gone, county spokeswoman Kara O’Donnell said in an email.

“The list has never been’lost’,” O’Donnell said. “All data still exists and the county is deploying vaccine schedule notifications to residents over the age of 65.”

She said this applies to about 10,000 pre-registered individuals over the age of 65.

Many pre-registrations have not been integrated due to formatting issues, according to state health spokesman Logan Anderson. For example, he said that some data fields are case sensitive and dealt with.

“Data cleanup is an ongoing process and can be visible on the system,” he said. “Also, a total of 1.6 million entries were transferred. After cleanup and deduplication, that number dropped to about 1.2 million.”

Arlington County shut down According to O’Donnell, the pre-registration system will begin sending names to VDH at 5 pm on Friday, February 12.

“As we’ve seen, the migration process is taking longer than expected and we’re always in touch with VDH about the migration,” she said.

She said that county authorities are one of the hallmarks of the state system in particular.Check the list, ”Does not work for many lookups.

“This does not mean that these people are not participating in the system,” she said. “In reality, there are many people, but checking the list function is still a problem.”

Some ARLnow readers have reported that their registrations have not yet been transferred, while others have stated that the issue was resolved or re-registered last week.

Last week, a woman who couldn’t find the status of her three families said, “All three families who were registered as 1B in Arlington in mid-January said to VDH,” This user is registered. ” It is now visible, “he told ARLnow.

Another woman who spoke with ARLnow last week confirmed after she and her husband decided to re-register.

“Since then, we’ll see in the system, but whether the first January 9th registration in Arlington County was part of the integrated list, or whether we moved behind the line. There is no real way to know, “she said.

Anderson said the federal government is encouraging people to re-register online or call the Vaccinate Virginia call center at (877) VAX-IN-VA.

During the county committee Working session Last week, board member Christian Dorsey said system issues were fundamental and needed to be tested before launch.

“Basically, providing customer service and complaint feedback on state sites puts a huge burden on the local district,” said Dorsey. “This is an implicit, unfunded obligation to fix problems mandated by the state through customer service and other forms.”

Dr. Ruben Barghese, director of public health at Arlington, said he and his colleagues throughout the state had “listened to the implications of this.”

“It should have been working from the moment it opened,” he said.

Chairman Matt de Ferranti said the county will continue to work with those who are worried about their position.

“If you’re pre-registered, it can take days to up to a week before you do anything. Take a breath,” says de Ferranti. “We have dedicated staff to keep in touch.”

Meanwhile, Arlington County has had to immerse itself in a stockpile of vaccines, but continues to vaccinate qualified people. Because of the winter stormDelayed the shipment of vaccines throughout Virginia.

As of today (Tuesday), 31,553 vaccines have been administered in the county and 10,157 people have been fully vaccinated, according to VDH. As of Friday, Arlington County had been vaccinated about 20,000 times and used about 19,000 times.

The county reported last week that it had exceeded its assigned second dose. O’Donnell said he was immersed in the first dose in anticipation of bad weather and delayed shipments.

“Because we faced the potential for shipping delays, it was important to make the vaccine available to everyone who had existing reservations,” she said, and these delays were subsequently resolved. I added.

Photos via Arlington County (1 and 3), via (2) Immunize Virginia

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