Vaccine required for federal workers – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-09-09 09:50:54 –

Washington (WJW)-President Joe Biden aims to increase vaccination, kill thousands each week, and curb the proliferation of delta mutations that are jeopardizing the country’s economic recovery, federal workers and contractors We are tightening the COVID-19 vaccine requirements for.

It is according to someone familiar with the plans that spoke on condition of anonymity. Biden has signed a new executive order requiring vaccinations from government employees and contractors dealing with the federal government. This step outlines six plans to address the latest increase in coronavirus cases and the stagnant pace of COVID-19 shots prior to Thursday afternoon’s speech.

Biden encourages COVID-19 vaccine requirements at schools, workplaces and university campuses. The White House wants its enhanced federal mission to encourage more companies to follow suit.

Vaccine required for federal workers Source link Vaccine required for federal workers

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