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Vaccine rollout moves to next phase in Missouri, but where can you get a vaccine? | News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-01-14 23:32:00 –

ST. LOUIS ( Jamison falls into the 1B category of Missouri’s Vaccine Deployment Program due to health concerns. As a member of a priest working in the community, Jamison wonders where and how to get the vaccine.

“I’m trying to understand where and how to access the vaccine. I’m self-employed and I’m really confused because I don’t have an employer,” said Jamison.

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This has been popular around the world since Missouri announced 1B Tier 1 including first responders, emergency management, and public works, allowing people in the emergency services sector to start vaccination on Thursday. This is a question to be asked.

Tier 2 of 1B will open on Monday. Tier 2 will be over 2.5 million Mizurians, including those 65 years and older and adults at high risk of COVID-19, including cancer, heart disease, obesity, pregnancy, type 2 diabetes, and other medical conditions. There is a possibility.

Phase 1A and Phase 1B-Tier 1 individuals need access to the vaccine through their employer. Phase 1 B-Tier 2 individuals should contact their local pharmacy or healthcare provider.

But on Thursday, Walgreens and CVS both said they were not yet ready to start vaccination against a wide range of the general public. A CVS spokesperson said the plan was still underway and Walgreens is currently continuing to focus on vaccination of residents and staff in long-term care and elderly housing.

“The COVID-19 vaccine will be available in all Walgreens (more than 9,000 stores) when high doses are available. At that point, individuals can book vaccinations via the Walgreens app or online. You can schedule it, “said a Walgreens spokeswoman.

Places like Maryland Heights Fire and the University of St. Louis are being applied for vaccination sites. Missouri will publish a complete list of vaccinated people on Friday.

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Affinia Healthcare has been approved as a vaccination site and hopes to receive the first shipment of 975 doses next week.

“What we do is hold a vaccine event. It may not be a drive-through, but it’s like a large space like a gym,” said Dr. Melissa Tepe, Chief Medical Officer at Affinia Health. Explained.

But first, hundreds of healthcare professionals who have been tested for COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic need to be vaccinated.

“We want to reach 1B as soon as possible, but we want to reach 1A staff first,” said Dr. Tepe. “We’re moving as fast as we can. It’s hard to put up with. We’ve been waiting so long, but we know that no one wants to be left behind.”

Hospitals within the St. Louis Metropolitan Task Force are also working swiftly to complete 1A vaccinations. They vaccinate hospital-related EMS workers, school nurses, and federal-qualified community-based health care workers.

Dr. Alex Garza says Tier 2 people are still working on how to sign up for the vaccine.

“We want to give a little more certainty to the supply we’re trying to get, which is important when you’re trying to plan and schedule,” he said. ..

The state expects additional shipments from the federal government. So far, they have received 410,000 doses and 190,000 doses. News 4 says that all the remaining vaccines have been assigned and are not sitting around.

Tier 1 and Tier 2 are made up of approximately 3 million people. Tier 3, which includes essential workers like teachers, is not yet ready to deploy.

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Vaccine rollout moves to next phase in Missouri, but where can you get a vaccine? | News Headlines Source link Vaccine rollout moves to next phase in Missouri, but where can you get a vaccine? | News Headlines

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