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Tucson, Arizona 2021-05-04 01:16:43 –

Vail, Arizona (KGUN) — “I strongly support maintaining the mask as a district-wide mitigation strategy,” said Dana Enieto, Vail’s parent and district employee.

“My child’s health is my choice, my responsibility, not yours,” said Vail’s parent, Stephanie Engel.

Dozens of parents commented on the face mask issue at a school in the Vail Unified School District.

Others acknowledged the difficult situation and the challenges became apparent.

“Everyone knows it’s hard to see our community like this. We’re experiencing a lot of divisions because we all care so much about the community,” Bale’s parents said. Said Michel Salvagio.

Last week, the school board chose to cancel the meeting because of concerns that too many people would not follow health guidelines. This is a situation that has been criticized by board members.

“Last Tuesday night was a night I’ll never forget and will bruise our community for a while,” said Chris King, director of Vail USD. ..

“I think the saddest part for me is just seeing the divisions within our community throughout this situation,” said Alison Pratt, director of Vail USD.

Nevertheless, some members made clear to parents and staff their feelings about the obligation to mask.

“Maintaining the current mitigation strategy properly is a responsible way to move forward to finish the school year,” said Claudia Anderson, director of Vail USD.

“I believe face masks and covers should be optional for staff and students,” King said.

Director John Carus made his final remarks at the board meeting on Monday.

“I heard a lot of opinions tonight,” he said.

“We keep listening. I took some notes about what people said tonight.”

No decisions have been made on how to proceed for the rest of the school year, and Carruth himself admitted that he was not even sure how the district would proceed to decide what to do in the next school year.

“I want to be able to explain exactly what it is. It’s a bit unclear what those criteria are.”

The board allows students to choose whether to wear masks during outdoor activities, but all other obligations remain.

Another town hall on this subject will be held on Tuesday at 6 pm.

Vail USD talks mask mandates following canceled board meeting Source link Vail USD talks mask mandates following canceled board meeting

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